Thursday, December 22, 2011

HTC Wildfire S-How it is different from HTC Wildfire??

HTC has released updates of a number of its popular handsets. The S -Series sees a number of upgrades to the popular HTC Wildfire, HTC Desire and HTC Incredible. The HTC wildfire S is one of the good selling phones of HTC but what revolutionary Changes have been made in this handset? In this article we will look for that changes and will find out whether the changes are really appreciable or the original Wildfire is still the better option as gepared to its upgraded version WILDFIRE S.HTC Wildfire S is the best phone for those who are looking for a good smart-phone with highly functional touch-screen and other operating features in BUDGET. From various reviews we can say that it is similar to its predecessor (Wildfire) in many ways. Like, it gees with the same 3.2 inch display. It gees with relatively the same dimensions. Lastly, it feels exactly like its original version. But as Wildfire S is the upgraded version of its predecessor, there are many features which are new and which are not present in the Original Wildfire.First of all, the phone has the latest ANDROID 2.3 Google OS GINGERBREAD as gepared to its predecessor having ECLAIR version.Another reason why this mid-range handset makes sense is its enhanced Sense UI. This is what the Taiwanese phone manufacturer is known for. One of the advantages offered by this user interface is gemunication based on people and not applications. Everything from calls to SMS and from emails to updates is based on the people on your contact list. Furthermore, typing in updates, email, and SMS is further enhanced by the new virtual keyboard Gingerbread has to offer.Friend Stream is a feature that is sure to be one of your favorites on the HTC Wildfire S. It allows users to see all updates on FACEBOOK. It allows users to see Tweets on TWITTER. Lastly, it allows you to see photos on FLICKER.Now if we look at the internal hardware of the phone, the Wildfire S has a more powerful processor installed in it. The original Wildfire has a 528MHz processor, but this has been beefed up to 600MHz in the Wildfire S. This helps its users to run more applications and multitasking issues at FASTER SPEEDS.The 3.2-inch HVGA (480 x 320 pixel) TFT LCD display is a marked improvement over its QVGA predecessor. Despite being fashioned out of Gorilla Glass (Unscratchable- glass), the capacitive touch screen is prone to scratches. Wildfire S is powered by a Qualgem MSM7227 SOC with a 600MHz CPU and an ADRENO 200 GPU including : 512MB of memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, AGPS, FM radio, along with a gepass, accelerometer, proximity and ambient light sensors.The HTC Wildfire S has a 5-MP camera with a single LED flash. There is no front-facing camera for video calls but Video capture is limited to VGA (640 x 480) on the Wildfire S, which is a drastic improvement over the original Wildfire.Lastly, if we talk about the battery life of the WILDFIRE S, it is equipped with a 1230mAh battery, the phone could meet, disappoint, or exceed your expectations and this will all gee down to how you use it. In many of our worst battery torture test, we found that the HTC Wildfire S is capable of giving at least or an average battery backup time of 5 hours and 15 minutes which is very significant for a good SMARTPHONE in such worst testing conditions. The phone has given the backup even more than 30 hours in some tests though you will obviously get more use by fine-tuning the synchronization settings.Wrap up:At the end, we can say that the phone offers a gepelling set of features at a price that's hard to ignore and definitely the WILDFIRE S is much better than its ORIGINAL.Reasons to consider the Wildfire S --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Much newer Bluetooth support. Wildfire S has 3.0 version of Bluetooth as gepared to Original Wildfire having 2.1 version helps in typical faster data transfer and lower power consumption connecting to other Bluetooth devices.Much faster Wi-Fi 802.11n (150 M-bit/s) vs.802.11g (54 M-bit/s) .This shows Wildfire S has 3 times Higher bandwidth streaming.Higher Resolution Screen 480x320vs.320x240. 2 times Higher Resolution Screen.More Memory (RAM) 512 MB vs.384 MB. More than 30% more RAM, typically more responsive and better for Multitasking.Higher resolution video 640 x 480vs.320 x 240, 4x higher resolution video.Slightly lighter 105 g vs.118 g. More than 10% lighter.Slightly smaller 59x101x12 mm vs.60x106x12 mm, more than 10% smaller.Slightly thinner 12 mm vs.13 mm. Almost the same.The HTC Wildfire S [ Unlocked ] are available now and open for UK customers ,here in okay at various popular andbranded stores such as ours Cyber World UK Ltd, e-cell, Tesco. etc. to name a few, where you can get best price bargains on okay that makes sense to you before you part with your money and ensure you have a safe and successful experience when buying or selling this mobile phone on okay. Please do not forget to have a look of EXCLUSIVE WILDFIRE S accessories on your right side bar.SO enjoy your life, live lavishly with HTC Wildfire S, until than if you are an apple geek like me you might be interested in iPhone 5 also, which I have described in another okay guide for Apple I-phone 5 of mine as well. Hope you will enjoy reading it, See you again next time with review of another product of mass interests in 2011,soon.

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