Thursday, December 22, 2011

Georgian dolls houses comparisons

I mistakenly bought a Toys R Us Georgian dolls house with 100 pieces on E Bay for 80 (new) when I could have bought exactly the same thing for 49.99 from Toys R Us.
The house to go for is the ELC Georgian although usually used this house is made from much heavier quality wood, and very sturdy in geparison to the Toys R Us. The ELC house will last for years so being used is not really a problem.The detail on the ELC is far superior and the stairs are also very substancial.
It is a bit like geparing matches to a lighter so I suppose it depends on what you want in a childs toy,as there is nothing wrong with the Toys R Us house,if you buy it for 49.99.but the ELC house is far superior in quality even if you buy used.

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