Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Everyone of my newbie buyers has paid over the last several months (touch wood)

But, how much time are we talking? It would be VERY anoying to have "any" buyer change their mind. But, I'd rather do a mutual cancellation, then to have them pay, have me ship, then have them change their minds, lie and file, return, yada, yada...

Newbie buyers only scare me when they start asking questions about the item after they pay, and or after I ship. But thus far (again, thank goodness) I've had no bad newbs. Just a couple of seasoned eBayers being pains.

I don't sell all that much, but I have a partner who I also sell with (under another name) We've been selling since 1998/99 and I do have to agree, buyers have changed ALOT.

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