Thursday, December 22, 2011

dont buy for s

Hi there.Regarding the 3v gift card. Good idea in principle, easy to find, easy to buy, price to suit most pockets. GREAT.Now here gees the bad points: my 3v gift card was for e-bay.First you have to registerthe card with 3v. They want to know everything; where you live, your phone number etc. good security perhaps??? Who knows?Thenthe fun starts with e-bay; if your card is for 25 then that's all you can spend on e-bay. You cannot make up the difference using another money source. i.e. if you wanted to but something for 30 you CANNOT use your 3v gift card to pay the first 25 and then make up the other 5 using another method of payment; e-bay will not allow you to do so.So basically, unless you want to buy something off e-bay for more than the value of the card you cannot use the card. On the other hand if you buy something for less than the card value, it leaves the dilemma of what to buy with the remaining balance.So may I make a suggestion - if you are thinking of getting one of the cards - DON'T - give the person the cash to save a lot of hassle and hours on the telephone trying to sort it.

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