Thursday, December 22, 2011

Built-in 4GB/5.0 A5 Thin GPS/MP3 Player/CE6.0/128MB RAM

Having owned a Garmin Street pilot for years and paying 150 - 200 just for the map updates and bearing in mind the original price of this unit alone was 1,500 I thought I would spend a small amount of money just to try this item.
The seller suggested that I buy the 4gb version as I required the UK and USA maps as on my old Garmin I was also later supplied at my cost an extra screen mount so that I don't have to change this from car to car.
I haven't used it in the USA yet but have done many miles with it in the UK so far with no trouble.
Bearing in mind that I have purchased four or five maps for the Garmin and this gees with all of the maps I need installed without changing data cards as with the old Garmin, I have a unit which is neat and good looking, does a good job for less than half the cost of one Garmin map.
My only fault that is not worth mentioning is that the voice may be a bit quite although you can use it through your car radio via the FM facility but it would be nice to be able to buy an external powered speaker as supplied with the Garmin. I have so far tried several cheap powered speaker but so far been unable to find one that doesn't hum when connected apart from my home PC speakers.

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