Thursday, December 22, 2011

Avoid PayPal !!

Having used PayPal for year's without a problem, I have now ran into the most disbalieving problems. Whatever you do, once you've 'verified' your bank account, things go from bad to worse. Use another method of payment, Google Checkout, Bank Transfer anything try avoiding PayPal. I'd give PayPal another 5 years in this industry and they'll be gone.I tried for 3 weeks to withdraw money from my PayPal account to my bank account, each of the 9 time's I tried without success, PayPal blamed my bank and would not hear of anything else. Rude, ignorant staff just speak like robots repeating the same utter nonesense constantly. After numerous geplaints, amazingly the money appeared after a letter threating to involve the Finacial Ombudsman.After receiving my much needed money, my account was verified. Big mistake. Now everytime i purchase something from okay (for whom I REALLY sympathise with) PayPal trys to use my Bank account as payment, much to my bemusment as I never instructed them to do so. So as my bank (will rightly deny payment) they will then use my bank card, for which they have used without problem for years.Then you will get the e-mails, saying that you havn't paid PayPal what you owe, it goes on and on and on. Pick up the phone? Useless. E-mail? dont even bother...okay must start listening to their customers. Many many are unhappy with having to use PayPal and are pushed into using them. I genuinly feel that PayPal are losing there control of their share of the market, they are out of their depth.Read these words - PayPal will not exsist in it's current business standing in 4-5 years time. Their time is up. Avoid.

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