Friday, September 9, 2011

Why should People give bad Feeback when they r in Wrong

As we all know we need good feedback from all we sell or buy from,and many people enjoy to upset you from time to time,take Feedback first.buyer'sgetting in a state of panic and no matter if you have proof of posting they still accuse you of theft,or if Royal Mail lose your mail you post and the post office doesnt seem to care one way or another,I have what they say is a bad feedback i have 96% out of a 100 and because of this few prospective buyers dont buy as they just see red marks and dont bother to read, I have used my bad feedback as an example and then you can write and tell me what you would do in my place,,and what your point of view is.
EUROSKODATAHelpsyou find spares for your Car,,===Was a plagirised copy of the car dealers site, so I geplained and recieved bad feedback because I bought something I could have for Free,gePLAINED AND THEY GAVE ME BAD FEEDBACK
2,SCOTTISH1TEMS OF CANADA SELLER of Asian made goods being passed off as Genuine Scottish,turned out to be in USA and had to contact three times to get either my cash back or goods, when goods did gee 3 month later was total asian made rubbish, gePLAINED AND THEY GAVE ME BAD FEEDBACK
3,MCIAN44 SELLER ofScottish Highland Plaids;; Scottish Highland plaids are generally 6ft long 4ft wide, they sent me a bit imitation tartan 3ft 6" squareSo I geplained and told them 3" less all around would have sold as a Tartan Table Cover,,gePLAINED ANDTHEY GAVE MEBAD FEEDBACK
4,SEAGULLXRAY10 SELLER =I enquired that I had a copy of book they were selling and wanted to know how much I should ask for mine, they said they were selling theirs for 25 I reckoned as mine mint worth more, Next thing to happen was their book arrived at my door according to them I had bought it, and the cash was deducted from my Paypal,,I geplained to paypal that my account had been hacked for cost of this book,and what the heck is going on,,as i hadnt bought it and didnt agree to buying a book i I geplained to paypal and seller.gePLAINED TO SELLER AND THEY GAVE ME BAD FEEDBACK.
5,ONE-SMALL-STEP-FOR-MAN, Seller of stationery I click on his stationery by mistake as it was next to my normal guy ,so straight away wrote and explained the mistake to the seller,just after i had done it,instead of them accepting my apoligy.and writing back.THEY GAVE ME BAD FEEDBACK.--------------------------------------------------------------------------1,55DUCKS, An American buyer who does nothing but geplain about least little thing,His mail was lost according to him in the postal strike,sadly as I was new to okayand it was my first week selling, I relied on what Post Office told me about postal costs,they told me to send by PARCELFORCE INTERNATIONAL

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