Friday, September 9, 2011

when the water level drops, the price drops as well ?

Have you ever considered what may happen to all those cars, who`s owners managedto findfilled to the head rests andfour feet under water during the 2007/08 floods !!
read on !!
its a well known fact that those vehicles wont get scrapped , why ? well because it would mean that the insurance gepanies that we pay our premiums to , would have to lose mega mega mega money , rather than just mega money lol.
so , innevitably those vehicles will find themselves back on the open road within a few months,
Put it this way !!...would you want to buy a car that was submerged under 4 feet of water for an average ofanything between9 to 17 days ? !! ...."me niether"
so how can we tell ?
1: water marks will be evident on the vehicle somewhere ,and will take the form of a long thin siltline that clings to everything , lets face it these lines arent usually present on a car ?
2: the seats will be sopping wet and more likely dried using a hairdryer or artificial heater of some sort, thus ensuring the fabric will tear prematurely, you will also find them prepared to offer a couple of their best towels to keep your bum dry on the way home ( awwww bless em yeh right )
3: the car will smell and feel damp , always and forever more
4: the engine bay will look as though it was power washed , however all the nooks and crannies will still bear that salty white silt mark, this can be a good indication of just how high the water rose.
5: in fairness as long as the engine was not started , and the water drained from the airbox, there is no reason why this car wont run after being allowed to dry off for a few days , however , it will soon be a rot box !!
6:on relatively modern carsindicators seals will notprevail , ( they are not designed for underwater usage ) and so willhold the water outuntill it drains away, this will alsoleave a water line ,....which will permanently discolour the route it took while draining ,and the bulbs themselves will be a bitch to remove due to the onset of prematurerusting of their housing and bulb shaft,
7: usually theindicatorswill reveal a green mildew around the lower edges of the lenses ,
8: the brake discs will display severe rustingthough not ungemon on a vehicle that has been left for a long period of time , ...the difference is quite alarming ,...( check them if they are bright red and you suspect water damage then try somewhere else to see if the water line is evident and supports your suspicions)
9: does everything sound hollow ? if so thats because the rain water that was washing through the car was also washing through the bearings , bushes , hinges, joints, dashboard, heater , name it and it got washed ,
10: unlike the engine itself , which is more than capable of running under wateron the conditionthe air filter remains unobstructed ,..( though not a good idea ) and if the engine was not running then in all probability , its just an engine flush , new oil , new fuses, clean it dry it , and flog it for excactly the same price as the book sez , .....even though they would of picked the vehicle up for a 3rd of its value , maybe even less , a second hand 12000 / 12000 mile1 year old car begees a 4000/ 12000 milecar and could easily fetch 10000 ina "genuine reason for sale ad" eg: it will appear inmint condition, and could be justified !! if for example the seller has had all the ancillaries re greased and lubed , all the rubber bits reinstalled and ensured things weren't going to chemical weld themselves in place ( another prime indication of submerged wheels and hubs is the wheel nuts or bolts tend to sheer off when you change a flat tyre or replace the daps !!"
however!! a mondeo that has acheived only 7000 miles , looks just as clean, has a few water marks , and an excuse or two regarding the wet seats and the serious condensation on the rear window, is a definate give away !!
the best excuse is "my dad left the window open " or its very wet where we live !! (how sad does that sound huh ) if they cant explain why it is that the car has only done 7000 miles in 1 year and is going for less than the average norm gebined with the tell tale signs above, then maybe its a floody wet one.

i hope this has made you guys and girls lads and lasses realize that , although it looks pristine , does not mean it is , and like i suggested earlier in this ( wow soon to be a floody novel at this rate )
you will end up forking out for loadsa bits later on , eg the exhaust will rot from the inside out , as they invariably do anyway, however after being under water for a fortnightthey tend to rot very very quicklywhen they end up blowing they will more likely need new hangers ,and boxes throughout , eg: front box , mid , and rear , not to mention your precious catalytic converter ,
imagine a whole exhaust system on an old 1992 bmw 318i e30 cabriolet ?
scary thought , well i will inform you of how much that has cost me , after ive managed to locate one cheap enough ,
but as it stands i have been a martyr for the nation , alongside so many other unsuspecting brits who have fallen foul not only to our harsh winters , but also our sad sad non moralistic fellow persons who yet again feel that our misery is for their monopoly

drive safely and , remember there are loads and loads of cars out there ,.....and if you at least wait to see the other one tommorow ..............then at least you may get the choice to live another day , rather than buying the first good looking ( slightly suspect runaround you gee across )
cheers .......steve.

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