Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Watch out when selling mobile phones or anything cause i have just been had with my mobile they wanted me to send it to Nigeria and sent me an email which i thought was from okay stating that i needed to give them a tracking number to collect my money and i thought it was genuinejust don'tdo it sell it to someone else. They are also still sending meemails to give them my pay palname and want my passwordDON'T DO IT THEY WILL TAKE YOU MONEY AND EVERTHING THEY CAN

thought i'd let you no watch who you are selling your item to cause they may ask you to send it to nigeria and that you need to send a tracking number before you get your money so when you do that your phone has gone and you have no money its all fake copied emails also they try to get your pay pal pass word don't give it none of its true only warning you i lost mine on sat

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