Friday, September 9, 2011

Volovo Penta Outboards - Avoid at all costs?

Every review will tell you to avoid Volvo Penta Like the plague as you can't get parts - well most of the time that's true, BUT if you can get hold of a Volvo penta 99 4-strokeoutboard from the 70s/80s then you're actually getting a Honda Engine, and not only that but it's still in production! Any spares you need for one can be got for a Honda BF6, BF8, BF 75 or BF100 depending on spec (There have been a lot of minor detail changes). Take it along to a Honda dealer and they'll see you right. These engines last forever, don't junk it just because of the name. Just for identity purposes, they should be Dark Blue hoods on either dark blue or black legs. Will probably bave a serial number reading Honda Motor Co made in Japan and a number beginning with BF 75.

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