Friday, September 9, 2011

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Iwrote this to reply to another okay members question on casting spells. She didnt believe she could cast because she is not a witch . ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY has the power within them to send out their wishes to the universe. The "magick" gees from being open to whatever the higher powers deem is right for us in our soul growth. People can believe a spell has not worked if they dont see the results they'd asked for .. its not that the universe hasn't heard your plea and has thenignored you, its purely that the answer deemed best in the situation at the time was manifested in a way you had not anticipated. So expect NOTHING except for whats deemed as for your highest good and be open to all possibilities. If you dont have preconceived ideas, you wont be disappointed.
It is also highly important to keep 100% positive after you have cast your spells as what you send out is reflected back to you so if you believe it wont work - then it WONT! Trust yourself and trust the universe to provide whats needed in any given situation.
Aspell is far more potent WHEN we cast for ourselves, a pure intention is all thats needed and not lots of fancy herbs or rhymes. Its about your focus and what your intention is. Do NOT cast any spells which would directly or indirectly harm another soul !!! Only ask for good and good is what you will get back threefold :-)
PLEASE TRUST IN THE FACT NO SINGLE PERSON ON THIS EARTH PLANE CAN "MAKE" YOU FALL PREGNANT - IF ITS NOT ON YOUR LIFE PATH TO HAVE A CHILD OR TO HAVE "MORE" CHILDREN, NO AMOUNT OF SPELL WORK CAN MAKE THIS A REALITY FOR YOU AS ITS NOT WITHIN A WICCANS POWER TO ALTER YOUR DESTINY IN THAT WAY. so beware people on here claiming they can cast a spell for 9.99 or even 40.00to make your dreams gee true and provide you with a child. you could pay thousands fofounds and that type of spell will NEVER work! i hate to think of sooo many disappointed people when that spell wont work for them after believing false claims from unscrupulous people who are supposed to be casting for good. if you have illness and specific conditions which make pregnancy tricky, this can be cast for asking for an easing of the reason you find it difficult to conceive but as i said before, if your karma is to not have children in this lifetime, a spell will not make this happen for you unfortunately.
God Bless You All xxx

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