Friday, September 9, 2011

paypal on our side? NOT!!!

PLEASE PLEASE be seriously careful when selling goods to either buyers in this country, or abroad, unless they have a CONFIRMED account with Paypal. Even then, it aint that sure that the seller wont issue a claim against ya for " non-receipt". Example.....I sold a couple of car parts to a guy far so good. I took the liberty of ensuring that I sent it signed for, and dulyhad the items sent, well packed and all. Ok, a signature was obtained, I checked on Royal Mail website, and sure enough, was delivered. Total glee, though I, another happy customer, I'm doing ok here. POSITIVE FEEDBACK was given to me. About two weeks later, I looked in my emails, and there, staring me in the face, was an email from Paypal, about the guy had the nerve to issue a claim for non- receipt. Now, I might not be the sharpest tool in the box, but hell, I figured this needed sorting, and quickly. As a seller, paypal give seriously little care inprosecuting scammers such as this, and I dont have to tell you how long I got pushed from pillar to post, waiting to speak to ANYONE. who could speak English, nor be told I would be dealt with as soon as possible, hanging on an 0870 number for over twenty minutes while they play damn music,let alone deal with my anguish with their ingepetence. Does it not figure, that when a signature was obtained, AND postive feedback was received from the buyer, that Paypal would as a " financial institution" ( if thats what they claim to be) put two and two together, and correctly assume that the buyer HAS in fact received his damn goods?? Hmm, obvoiously not. They have now placed the associated funds in my Paypal account on hold, for up to thirty days, while they "assess" the situation, before issuing the buyer with a refund??? For ****'s sake, what is this world geing to??
One last gripe, does anybody else who reads this, HATE the damn autoresponders they send you? So much for "customer service!!!
Good luck to you all!

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