Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Keep Costume Jewellery Looking Great

Keep your costume jewellery looking as good as the day you bought it.

Whether your jewellery is for a look that's hot and sexy, cool and elegant, trendy boho chic or a funky A-list designer look, if it's not precious metal like gold or silver it takes some care to keep it looking it's best for as long as you want to wear it, perhaps years. It was probably an affordable price, or even cheap as chips, lol, but it's worth taking a little time over.
Your latest breathtaking aquisition has just arrived in the post - you love it! How do you keep it looking as good as new? You only need to remember a few simple rules.......

It was never intended to be worn 24/7, so remember to take it off before you go to bed, no matter how late it is.
In between wearings, store in a cool dry place, in a box or pouch if you don't have a jewellery box.
Don't jumble up different pieces - you're risking damage from scratching.
When you put it on, make it the LAST thing you put on - use all your lotions and sprays first, especially perfume and hairspray.
When doing housework involving chemicals found in cleaning substances, or any other work involving chemicals, take it off.
Don't flex the metal more than necessary, especially in warm weather. Alloys are more prone to break then silver or gold.
If you go swimmimg, bathing, or exercise until you sweat, take it off first.
Don't wear it in the shower or bath.
It does need to be cleaned occasionally - nothing looks worse than dull, grubby jewellery - not a good look AT ALL! Use only mild soap and lukewarm water, or a proprietary cleaner made for costume jewellery only, following instructions carefully. Do any brushing with an old nailbrush or toothbruish GENTLY so as not to loosen gemstones.
With natural fabrics, string, wood etc., it's probably best to avoid it getting grubby in the first place since stains will be permanent - so be careful eating your curry!
Navel bars and other body jewellery should be sterilised before wearing. If there are gemstones, choose your method carefully to avoid loosening them.
Now, you've followed all the rules, your jewellery is sparkling (or not) as it should be, but HELP!!!!! it's broken. Don't panic, it's not always the end of the world, unless a piece of it has actually broken in two.

Most jewellery sellers, possibly in your local covered market, can help out with jump rings or bales if that's the only problem.
If a stone has fallen out, it can be invisibly glued back in with a strong glue that dries clear. Use one specially made for the job if possible.
Beads can be restrung - you might enjoy it and want to learn more!
Watch batteries can be replaced, so can straps and the glass on the case.
If you follow all the above, and your jewellery still goes black, the plating gees off or it turns your skin a funny colour, you must be one of the unfortunate minority with an allergy, or you have skin secretions that are normal to you but react with base metals. You will need to buy only nickel-free costume jewellery or fine jewellery made from precious metals. OR, you can get away with the plastics and natural materials that are such hot fashion news for 2006.
Follow as many of the simple rules as you can, and your lovely pieces of jewellery will fetch admiring glances for a long time to gee.

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