Friday, September 9, 2011

jdm-trade - not located in the U.K as stated.

jdm-trade is operating out of Australia despite being listed on okay as located in South Yorkshire, U.K.
I purchased item: 270202118642 from jdm-trade. The remote control for the product was faulty, I contacted the seller and he asked me to return it to Malaysia which cost me 5.
After waiting for 3-4 weeks I received a replacement which worked for 3 days, and now does not work at all.
I have raised a dispute with Paypal, and I have had an email requesting that I send the item to an address Australia at my cost (at least 25) so they can check if the item has been damaged by me, this will be expensive. Even then I am not guaranteed a refund. The seller could ay that I have damaged the item.
I am considering contacting trading standards because the seller is not located in the U.K as stated on okay. This is deceptive because not all buyers would purchase items from sellers if they knew they ewre located outside of the U.K.

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