Friday, September 9, 2011

Is Pro Evolution Soccer Series best? Playstation - PS2

I am a fan of the Pro Evolution Soccer series, havingboth the Fifa and Pro Evolution series.I feel that the Pro Evo series is better, in my opinion the graphics on the newer Pro Evo games outshining that of Fifa - players are more realistic and the games are better to play - players like C. Ronaldo are noticeably quicker thana playerdeemed to be slower, and I feel that it is more life-like in the way that the game is actually played, however it must be noted that Fifa has licensed teams, whereas Pro Evo has only selected teams that are fully licensed which vary depending on which game it is. Having played all the Pro Evolution series for the Playstation 2, I feel that the standard of the gameplay noticebly improved with Pro Evolution 5, I feel that this is as good as Pro Evo 6, although Pro Evo 2008 is probably the best although ball control seems to be looser on 2008. If you are new to football games on the Playstation Pro Evo is a must - try Pro Evo 5 - you can pick it up for a couple of pounds and have hours of fun playing on Master League where you can play through the seasons with player growth, transfers and major cup gepetitions

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