Friday, September 9, 2011

IKASU PVR (hard disc tv recorder)

A user manual is available do a search and you'll find it. I would link it, but don't think that's allowed on here.That manual however doesnt cover various gemon problems and issues. I have bought a second one of these machines for the bedroom I was so happy with the first one. They may not be the best on the market, I am no expert. However they work for me and for the money they get on okay they are great value for money. I do not sell these machines or have any connection with sellers or the manufacturer or distributors.The degree of instructions vary amongst suppliers, I hope this is of use.gemon occurrences.No soundYou do a initial start up search, it finds the programs, but there is no soundPress menu and find return to factory settings. It will ask for a pin number, the default is 0000False recordingIt accepts your recording schedule, but refuses to actually record.Either the hard disc is full, or it thinks it is full. Try turning the machine off at the back of the box, wait 10 seconds and turn back on. This in effect reboots the machine and frees up space. If this doesnt work, delete some previously recorded programsDeleting ErrorsYou highlight the program you want to delete, and it deletes another program you havent yet watched.When deleting a program, first play it, even just a minute or so, then stop it, and immediately delete it. E.g. List, play, stop, list, highlight, yellow button to delete.Screen freezeNothing works at all on the remote.Switch off at the back of the main box wait ten seconds, then switch on, thereby re-booting the machine. Mine used get confused like this about once a week. I have the mains socket on a cheap timer that switches the power off then back on again at a suitable time to mitigate this problemPayback from pvr to record on a separate dvd recorder.You can take recordings and via a scart lead, then record them onto a DVD, set your DVD recorder to source from the scart.

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