Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hole Sizes for Swarovski Crystal Beads and Components

Hole Sizes for Swarovski Crystal Beads and geponents
The sizes of each drilled hole for a certain size bead
varies from size to size and the chart below should give you an
indication of what size hole each size bead has so you can make a
determination of what size wire you will want to use along with many
other helpful uses.Please understand
that this information is not given out by Swarovski. They do make a
very precision cut but they do not publish their tolerances or specific
diagram sizes for each bead, so this information provided below is as
close as you can get to the fraction of a mm in size. Keep in mind,
there are tolerances in hole size by Swarovski of 0.1mm. These
measurements are also only for Swarovski (Austrian Crystal) Crystal

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