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A Guide To Making Your Own Wiccan Altar

A Guide To Making Your Own Wiccan Altar
Alot of books and internet websites give you a list as long as your arm of things you need for your altar! But what do you really need?
Well firstly you must decide on what type of altar you want, there are many types and here are just a few -
Spell Altar (dedicated to a specific spell and keeping its energy alive)
God Altar (for the God in general)
Goddess Altar (for the Goddess in General)
An everyday balanced Altar (for spells, rituals, the God and Goddess)
An Altar for a specific God or Goddess
Spell Altar
The point of a spell altar is to have a small space dedicated to your spells. Its not an elaborate altar and is simply there for casting your spell and keeping its energy alve and potent until it had manifested. For this you will need:
Candles (votives,tea lights,dinner etc in the colour corresponding with your spell)
Holders (for your candles)
Incense (scent relevant to the spell)
Crystals (one or two relevant to the spell)
A Herb Mix (containing herbs relevant to the spell)
A small space to build your altar
God or Goddess Altar
The following items can be customised to any God or Goddess Altar If you are making your altar for a specific God/Goddess then you would make the crystals, statues, colours etc ones that are personal to them.
Here are some of the bits you can place on the altar -
God or Goddess Offering Herb Mix
Green Candles (God) Red or Pink (Goddess)
Incenseeg patchouli (God), rose (Goddess)
Staues of the God or Goddess
Crystalseg rose quartz (Goddess)
Wand (see my guide to making your own wand)
Athame (optinal on GodAltar)
Pictures of the God or Goddess (printed,cards,drawn etc)
Everyday Altar
This altar is your everyday altar for meditation, visualisation, giving thanks, changing the season etc. Nothing is set in stone with any of these altars but here is a list of items you ideally would have on your altar. They don't need to be expensive, you can even hand make them yourself.
Candles (to represent the God and Goddess) (fire)
Salt Bowl (earth)
Water Bowl (water)
Incense (air)
Offering Herb Mix
Crystals (for God and Goddess, protection etc)
Cauldron (these can be expensive so could be replaced with a fireproof dish that would normally be used for loose incense)
Wand (can be purchased or for a special connection make your own)
Athame (These too can be expensive, some witches dont have one at all and use their finger is rituals to point with, others have wooden ones, some people even use a letter opener)
Chalice (again can be purchased, made yourself, a plain glass or goblet, or you may even pick up a well loved silver one in a charity shop)
Statue or Picture of the God and Goddess (their are some lovely cards available or you can print or draw one)
These are basic things needed on your altar but of course you can customise or add as much as you want to it :-)
I hope you find this guide useful - If you would like to contact me please do through my shop
Goddess Enchantments

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