Wednesday, September 28, 2011


You will get on a regular basis spoof emails asking you to confirm your details for either okay or paypal.
DO NOT reply to these -when you open the email click the FORWARD button and then email it to either (depending which it is asking you to confirm details of)
SPOOF @ okay.CO.UK/ ge
SPOOF @ (no gaps in the email address, only put these in as okay does not allow links to other sites)
Once you forwarded it you will get an email confirming receipt of the email, this email will explain what happens next, but basically it tells you NOT to reply until you have heard further from them and that they will investigate the origin of the email.
Usually later the same day or the following day you will get another email from them telling you that either it is phish/spam email or that it is authentic. 99 out of 100 you receive will NOT be authentic.
The easiest way of telling is that neither okay or paypal will ever ask for your pin number of your bank account, this is totally illegal and no-one, not even your bank will EVER ask you for this.
Should you have given your pin number out, you must immediately contact your bank and explain what you have done and ask for that number to be stopped and for another to be forwarded to you asap.
For paypal, if they do genuinely ask for details off you, you would be able to tell when you enter your paypal account as it will show that they are awaiting updates etc.
Just remember, any concerns DO NOT give your details and forward it on to one of the spoof addresses above.
The more of us that do this, the more chance there is that one day these people will be caught!

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