Friday, September 9, 2011

Firewall programmes and Paypal

I recently had a problem when making a payment through Paypal, which in one way demonstrates that they are in fact trying to ensure security.The problem seems to be the result of my using a programme called "Anonymiser" which is designed to prevent hackers etc. It does this by giving a "false" URL to any geputers who attempt to access mine.This is usually an excellent programme, but I have discovered that this causes problems with Paypal.I made a payment for a purchase through Paypal, but the next thing that I knew was that there had been a restriction placed on my account and the payment had not been made to the seller. The reason given was that it appeared that an "unknown third party had tried to access my account" . In fact , I believe, that the "unknown third party" was my geputer "in disguise" ! I will remember to turn off this programme in future dealings, and I would advise all members running similar programmes to do the same.Meanwhile congratulations to Paypal ( even though it has caused a slight problem with this transaction) for watching out for inconsistencies.

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