Friday, September 9, 2011

Finding Wholesalers

When you have sold everything in your house that isn't nailed down and your considering e baying for a profit you need to find a wholesaler that is reputable and products you can make a profit on and as i have found this isn't straight forward as it seems. So here is a guide on tips for finding wholesalers.

Wholesale on the internet
Typing wholesalers into an internet search engine will bring up lots of sites many stating that they have a list for the best wholesalers around but the catch is you have to pay to join either a monthly fee or a one off payment for lifetime membership they will only let you have limited access to the site until you pay up so until you join you have no idea what wholelsalers are available and if they sell the product you want.
I have paid to join one such site four months ago and have yet to buy anything wholesale the reasons being most wholesalers have a minimum order of about 250 and some of the wholesalers will NOT sell to e bayers and some of the wholesalers are pricey.
One free site that doesn't charge a fee to view is has many wholesalers covering different areas but again with minimum orders and some that won't sell to e bayers. Definetley worth a look.
Wholesale on okay
In the Buy section of okay there is a section for joblots which is the perfect place to look for wholesale as some wholesalers do sell through okay as well as other okayers and there are also people selling information on where to buy wholesale.
Firstly buying joblots on okay is a good way if you only have a small budget and you can find most thing being sold as joblots on, so a good place to start and if anything goes wrong you have okays dipute service to fall back on.
ALWAYSbe cautious of designer goods that people are selling, you can make a good profit from selling designer clothes but beware of fakes and there are many. Things to look out for, where are the items geing from? you see many from China which counterfits most designer names and quite well sometimes, if the seller states that items are geing from his suppliers and will take two weeks to arrive which suggests from another country. If you do decided to bid on something always email the seller first asking where the items gee from and and can they prove the authenticity of the item, there are manyguides on okay on how to spot genuine and fake items.
Secondly buying information from other okayers about wholesalers and there are many, i have bought one such list which gave me a list of websites that i could have found myself by searching the internet, many of these people have subscribed to wholesale site and are selling the information on.
Always do your research before buying a large quatity of items you can find out on okay how much items are selling for by doing an advanced search.

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