Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do Not Get Caught by Overpaying for Items

We all expect in some way to find great bargains here on okay and i have to admit that I have found many a good one, however there are certain sellers out there willing to fleece the unsuspecting buyer as often as they can.
When faced with a BUY NOW item especially if it is a NEW item, try firstly by searching the web for the same item being sold elsewhere, even direct from a supplier for more often than not you'll find it to be far cheaper that the okay seller is asking.
Example : One such seller here on okay [ fine-art-sculptures-and-interior-decoration ] adsvertises pieces of Bronze, of many different animals and dogs. I made the classic mistake of NOT doing my homework in advance for I felt the item was a great bargain. A Bronze Standing Whipet as was advertised at a BUY NOW price of 25.00. Well the item arrived for me to find it to be a poly-resin item Bronze in colour, still in its original box from the supplier.
I contacted the supplier to discover to my horror that the same identical piece was only 8.95 inc VAT a difference of 16.00.
So BUYERS beware of ALL BUY IT NOW items especially from fine-art-sculptures-and-interior-decoration for he is merely out to scam you for as much as your willing to pay.

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