Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Disputes and complaints via Paypal

I have been trying to open a dispute with a seller through the Paypal system. So far it is proving impossible to do, as every time I finish the letter I have writtenI'm told that they are having problems in processing this geplaint due to problems on line or I have run out of time. So far, Ihave written two letters which have somehow been lost in cyber space. Hence I am finding the whole process extremelyfrustrating and am begeing more and more angry at the Paypal system and okay altogether. Surly they must be able to run their businessanddo better than this. Getting to an actual person toois impossible to achievewith okay or so it would seem.
My suggestion to anyone who may bethinking of buying anything from okay is to be very, veryaware and that your money, along with the thing you are hoping to buy, mayjust disappear into cyber space, along with the letters you have endeavoured to write in an effort to get said money back. Also forget about trying to contact Paypal through the regular channels as that seems to be a no go area also.
The buyer I am having problems with is in the USA, so be very wary of dealing in the states. If I could justget my anger across to okay it would not be so bad, but as it is I feeltotally duped by them in this matter.
So BEWARE all you potential buyers out there, you may think you havefound a good item at a drop down price, but you may alsoend up paying a lot more than you bargained for.
To be fair most people have been great that I have done business with, however, be aware that the rouges are out there and they're out there trying to con you! So, even paying through Paypal is no guaranteeas on paper it looks all very fine, but try putting a dispute into practice and you will reallyfind you difficulties increasing and your frustration levels reaching magnificent proportions. All this and guess what, No Item and No Money!
Disillusioned and Disgruntled London

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