Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the classical dress in the form of crinoline

i have spent most of my life on both sides of the pond, ie in the usa and in britain, geing from a traditional home of good family value,s i studied the art of dress design.
after college, i came to europe and married, but still continued my education in the respect of design of costume and dress, and by dint and deed became a top dress designer, designing for what is in essence high society, and in some cases even designed for royal, and other like people,
my interest has alway,s been in the crinoline dress and victorian period, where even to the maid was dresses in ultra shaped female dress.
to me the crinoline still has its place in our lives, inall its shapes and form,s this gees from my work,as a dress designer i have designed some really large crinolines as well as what is normally called off the peg stuff which i loath.
here on okay i list and sell all forms of crinoline and hoopskirt, from ultra modern pvc ballgowns to ultrs traditional victorian crinoline,s
i gee from the southern states where civil war dresses and southern belle dresses are still avidly worn for re,enactment and other function,s, even here in england, crinoline is still a big thing, especially for the wedding and ballgown markets. as will be seen
lets look at the modern wedding gown for instance,, what is it really but a tube of satin with a bit of trimming and a veil, whats elegant about that, does that speak classical, does that speak elegance, does that speak class,
well no, so why do designers design it, well thats simple really, we design what thesociety in what we live want,s whats easy to use, convenient, safe, and not intrusive.
am i guilty of this, you bet i was.
i was no different from any other designer in that respect ,untill i started wearing my own crinoline creation,s out and about, and had scores of people asking me , why dont you make these for us, why cant we get them, i said to them simply because people dont want to be different, they all want to be the same as their neighbours,and dont want to stand out from them, ,,,, thats where you are wrong they told me, , true we dont want the heavy stuff of great great grannie, as this is the 80s, but we want the look of the crinoline, the elegance and classical lines to for wedding,s and party dresses and club stuff to.
BANG thats where i saw what my customers wanted, and set to work designing a whole new breed of classical dress, using modern materials including high gloss pvc, and satins, silk,s , and tafettas, besides other exotic materials , and created a whole range of dresses which now carry my name
that was a long time ago, oh dear 1980, would i not like to step back to then,but still i cannot geplain, as my business has grow, and i have dressed the top society of europe in my creation,s besides my fellow public, i now carry a whole range of dresses on okay that i list for you, and still design for each customer what they really want to waer,
the modern wedding dress
what do you want your dress to be for your big day, just something to wear, or a creation that will stun your family and all who see it, thats what it gees down to, the individual choice, everyone must choose their own way. i certainly know what way i like, and thats to see a bride wearing a beautiful full crinoline with all the trimming,s and lace, to make a statement, here i am, look at me, i believe in what and who i am

vicky P

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