Wednesday, September 28, 2011

chituma ctm125 ( CG COPY )

the chituma ctm-125 more of a Joke than a Motorcycle.
The handling on these are rubbish, and they always have a problem after problem, after problem, its because they are Chinese.
Basically I had mine for 7months maybe, and I knew the chituma like my own father. It was a right bastard at times. I had mine brand new for 1300 from WHEELTORQUE in BRISTOL and WHEELTORQUE had SAID chituma IS just AS reliable AS the HONDA CG125. dont listen to WHEELTORQUE they SUCK okay.

anyway bad and good points on chituma 125,
good- starts up after a while. the speedo always works perfect
bad points- rubbish and they fall apart and handle like a sack of spuds especially they handle really crap in the rain!

OHH YEA! and the electrics catch on fire for me before,
i sold it thoe hoping id get a HONDA 400cc but nooooooooooooo

i got a yamama pepsi 15cc

and before i sold OLD BETSY it was serviced and it cost me 160 FOOOKING HECK, I LOVE MEN BEHAVING BADLY

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