Friday, September 9, 2011

Cheap Photo Tent - Do It Yourself Table top Light box

Displaying your products on okay is probably one of the most vital aspects of selling that is often ignored or done so unprofessionally as to hinder rather than aid selling.
It's easy to spend large sums investing in expensive photographic accessories - easy - but totally unnecessary. The Celtic Winner guide to making your own tabletop "Photo Tunnel" will give you first class photos for a very low cost. This Do it Yourself Photo Tunnel can be made to any size you choose to best suite the products you sell on a regular basis. The cost including lighting is around 30 Euro. All purchases were made in Ireland at large DIY style stores.
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The first thing is the material list and tools required. Feel free to adjust the measurements/materials to suit your own needs.

The Materials

Wooden Base 14"x 18"x 3/4" MDF
White Sheet 28"x 30"
12 Drawing Pins/Thumb Tacks
2 Lengths Plastic Round Tube 1/4" x 40"
Scissors or Stanley knife

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