Friday, September 9, 2011


When buying a used car on okay, please be very careful to check the documentation when sellers are claiming to be selling a car with full service history. You will often read, "fully stamped service record," or "service book geplete." Having a fully stamped service record means nothing unless the seller can also provide garage receipts etc to prove the work has been done. It is easy to obtain a blank service book, there are many for sale on okay alone. You can also buy kits for less than ten pounds to make up your own rubber stamp. It is then easy to stamp all the pages, then write in the mileage etc. Always insist on seeing genuine receipts for work done. Alternatively, if the seller is claiming that a main dealer has done the servicing and has the book but no receipts, obtain the service dates from the seller and contact the garages concerned to clarify what work has been done. A main dealer will have the history recorded. In relation to mileage, always insist on seeing all the previous MOT papers. If these are not available, do not accept that the mileage is genuine. It is very easy to wind back speedometers and with the digital displays, there are many cheap gadgets available to reset mileage displays, service lights and ECU displays etc.

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