Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Be aware of Chineese Scammers!!

I was searching for tablet pc's being sold internationally because of their cheaper prices, and I came across an amazing deal for the Fujitst lifebook P1510. At the time I wasn't very aware of scammers, so I bought it. Thank god I didn't pay for it.

The tablet pc was going for around 150 in total. His feedback was 10, all positive.

I had a look at reviews and guides people have submitted, and many said to be weary about low priced items from china. They said:scammers usally have around 10 feedback,the gements will sometimes all be the same,their email addresses will often end in,they will end their okay membership once their item was bought,emails will be very friendly,only accept unsecure payment methods like cheque,never sold an item for a high price.Well, all the above applied for me: The seller had a feedback score of 10 (all positive), all feedback was from buyers with names that seemed like random letters and numbers, all feedback was just made of question marks, all buyers had the same feedback score, all buyers were no longer members, seller had email: (sample), seller ended membership once I bought the Item, emails were in a very friendly manner, only accepted cheque and items he had sold were in the pennies.

When I saw the reviews it was immediatly obvious that I had a scammer on my hands. I felt lucky I hadn't gone and sent a cheque to him. Please don't make the same mistake I made!

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