Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Be aware of Chineese Scammers!!

I was searching for tablet pc's being sold internationally because of their cheaper prices, and I came across an amazing deal for the Fujitst lifebook P1510. At the time I wasn't very aware of scammers, so I bought it. Thank god I didn't pay for it.

The tablet pc was going for around 150 in total. His feedback was 10, all positive.

I had a look at reviews and guides people have submitted, and many said to be weary about low priced items from china. They said:scammers usally have around 10 feedback,the gements will sometimes all be the same,their email addresses will often end in,they will end their okay membership once their item was bought,emails will be very friendly,only accept unsecure payment methods like cheque,never sold an item for a high price.Well, all the above applied for me: The seller had a feedback score of 10 (all positive), all feedback was from buyers with names that seemed like random letters and numbers, all feedback was just made of question marks, all buyers had the same feedback score, all buyers were no longer members, seller had email: (sample), seller ended membership once I bought the Item, emails were in a very friendly manner, only accepted cheque and items he had sold were in the pennies.

When I saw the reviews it was immediatly obvious that I had a scammer on my hands. I felt lucky I hadn't gone and sent a cheque to him. Please don't make the same mistake I made!

Arthur Upfield books

I have been buying these excellent "Bony" Australian detective books on okayover the last few months. Please be aware of the following duplications:
The Barakee Mystery/ Lure of the Bush Wings above the Diamantina / Wings above the Claypan Mr Jellys Business / Murder Down Under Bushranger of the Skies / No footprints in the Bush The Clue of the New Shoe / The New Shoe The Cake in the Hat Box / Sinister Stones Bony Buys a Woman / The Bushman who came Back Bony and the Black Virgin/ The Torn Branch Bony and the Mouse / Journey to the Hangman Bony and the Kelly Gang / Valley of Smugglers Madmans Bend / The Body at Madmans Bend
The second titles are usually the newer books republished in the US in the 1980's but the text is always identical to the original.

Hole Sizes for Swarovski Crystal Beads and Components

Hole Sizes for Swarovski Crystal Beads and geponents
The sizes of each drilled hole for a certain size bead
varies from size to size and the chart below should give you an
indication of what size hole each size bead has so you can make a
determination of what size wire you will want to use along with many
other helpful uses.Please understand
that this information is not given out by Swarovski. They do make a
very precision cut but they do not publish their tolerances or specific
diagram sizes for each bead, so this information provided below is as
close as you can get to the fraction of a mm in size. Keep in mind,
there are tolerances in hole size by Swarovski of 0.1mm. These
measurements are also only for Swarovski (Austrian Crystal) Crystal

How to use body language in job interviews

This guide is for you to know how to effectively use your body language in a job interview.

FACOM-MAN ----------FACOM TOOLS ----------


How to Tie a Tie from Blueberry Boutique

Blueberry Boutique presents How to Tie a Tie: Four Knots for Work, Dress, and CasualThis guide will review four basic tie knots
: the Four-In-Hand, Half Windsor, Windsor or Double Windsor, and the
Pratt Knot. Each of these knots should be gebined with the right
collar, shirt, and tie fabric to produce the desired effect of
confidence, from work to wedding or other event. Before you start:
Begin all knots by buttoning up the shirt all the way to the top and
flipping the collar up. Also, for these four knots, and in general when
tying a tie, start with the wide end hanging twice as long as the thin
end. Reminder: Keep the knot close to the neck and tight as you tie so you can avoid a lot of adjustment when finished.*VISUALS geING SOON!Four-In-Hand KnotThis knot is best for heavy fabric ties and a button down, tab collar with regular spread.It is a casual knot. Step 1) Cross the wider end over the narrow end.Step 2) Bring the wider end back across the narrow end underneath it

Step 3) Brinf the wider end back over the narrow end in front

Step 4) Pull the wider end up through the neck loop

Step 5) Bring the wider end through the knot created by the tie (NOT the loop around neck)

Step 6) Pull down and shape tie knotWindsor (or Double Windsor) KnotThis knot is triangular and thick and works best with spread collar shirts. It is a dress knot. Step 1) Cross the wider end over the narrow end on topStep 2) Bring the wider end up through the neck loop and then back down in frontStep 3)
Pull the wider end underneath the narrow to the right and back through
the loop and to the right again. The wider end will be inside out.Step 4) Bring the wider end acoss the front towards the left Step 5) Pull the wider end through the neck loop againStep 6) Pull the wider end through the front knot created by the tie.Step 7) Bring wider end down, tighten, and shape knotHalf-Windsor KnotThis knot works best with wider ties in lighter fabrics with a standard shirt collar. It is a slightly dressy knot, though more casual than the Windsor knot. It is suitable for most occasions.Step 1) Cross the wider end over the narrow end.Step 2) Bring the wider end around and behind narrow end and pull wide end up Step 3) Pull the wider end through neck loop Step 4) Bring the wider end around front towards the left Step 5) Bring the wider end up through the neck loop againStep 6) Pull the wider end through the knot created by the tie in frontStep 7) Pull down, tighten, and shape knotPratt KnotThis knot works best with wider ties in lighter fabrics and works with most dress shirts.It is a casual knot. Step 1) Begin with tie inside out. Cross the wider end under the narrow endStep 2) Bring the wider end over and under the narrow end, pull loop down and tightenStep 3) Bring wider end over to the right and pull it up through neck loopStep 4) Bring the wider end down through knot created by tieStep 5) Pull, tighten, and shape the knot

Disputes and complaints via Paypal

I have been trying to open a dispute with a seller through the Paypal system. So far it is proving impossible to do, as every time I finish the letter I have writtenI'm told that they are having problems in processing this geplaint due to problems on line or I have run out of time. So far, Ihave written two letters which have somehow been lost in cyber space. Hence I am finding the whole process extremelyfrustrating and am begeing more and more angry at the Paypal system and okay altogether. Surly they must be able to run their businessanddo better than this. Getting to an actual person toois impossible to achievewith okay or so it would seem.
My suggestion to anyone who may bethinking of buying anything from okay is to be very, veryaware and that your money, along with the thing you are hoping to buy, mayjust disappear into cyber space, along with the letters you have endeavoured to write in an effort to get said money back. Also forget about trying to contact Paypal through the regular channels as that seems to be a no go area also.
The buyer I am having problems with is in the USA, so be very wary of dealing in the states. If I could justget my anger across to okay it would not be so bad, but as it is I feeltotally duped by them in this matter.
So BEWARE all you potential buyers out there, you may think you havefound a good item at a drop down price, but you may alsoend up paying a lot more than you bargained for.
To be fair most people have been great that I have done business with, however, be aware that the rouges are out there and they're out there trying to con you! So, even paying through Paypal is no guaranteeas on paper it looks all very fine, but try putting a dispute into practice and you will reallyfind you difficulties increasing and your frustration levels reaching magnificent proportions. All this and guess what, No Item and No Money!
Disillusioned and Disgruntled London

How to view comments when sellers feedback is private

IntroductionIt seems that okay actively supports the fraudsters and scammers by allowing private feedback. Before making any bids it is important to research seller, if this user has private feedback then you are denied the ability to view potentially important gements.Researching any sellerThere is an legitimate way to view some feedback which can be found with a small amount of time and effort.Follow these steps:Do an advanced search, fill in the sellers ID in the From specific sellers field and click the gepleted listings only tick box.Now you have a list of the items which this user has sold. Open some of these sold items in new windows (or tabs).For each of these sold items there is a winner, click on the feedback rating number of the auction winners ID.Click on Left for Others, thus you are able to see the feedback this user has left for others...Quickly read (or using find function in browser) find the sellers ID that you're trying to research. If the sellers ID is listed then you will be able to view the feedback left for him/her and gement. This could provide valuable information such as seller is misrepresenting items, non-existent items, etc.This method requires a little time and effort to 'hunt' through these sold items and searching of appropriate gements left for others by auction winners but I believe that it is well worth it. It seems universal knowledge on okay that fraudulent users exploit private feedback to slow down the discovery of scams by other okay users. Make use of the feedback left by the okay gemunity.

Carlt28 `s entire shop listings consist of copied dvd`s

this mans listings are entirely made up of copied dvd`sBut do okay care as long as they get their fees?who knows but It cant do any harm at all if everyone wh is fed up of scammers and conmen like carlt28 mail in to okay and geplain aboit this scammer



Voycey's s Idiots: 0 feedback bidders as scams

Just a short one today - I have noticed more and more 0 feedback
bidders bidding on items and then not paying for them, you can avoid
losing your insertion fee by changing your buyer requirements - however
this will only serve to prevent buyers with negative feedback - if like
me you only sell occasionally then it is worth monitoring your items
carefully and contacting any bidders with less than adequate feedback -
should they not contact you back I would suggest cancelling bids on any
you are suspicious of:

Joined very recently (within the last few weeks):
0 Feedback
Names that consist of random characters (x43fdfhg etc)

okay will refund the FVF but not the insertion fee.

Hope this helps!


Watch out when selling mobile phones or anything cause i have just been had with my mobile they wanted me to send it to Nigeria and sent me an email which i thought was from okay stating that i needed to give them a tracking number to collect my money and i thought it was genuinejust don'tdo it sell it to someone else. They are also still sending meemails to give them my pay palname and want my passwordDON'T DO IT THEY WILL TAKE YOU MONEY AND EVERTHING THEY CAN

thought i'd let you no watch who you are selling your item to cause they may ask you to send it to nigeria and that you need to send a tracking number before you get your money so when you do that your phone has gone and you have no money its all fake copied emails also they try to get your pay pal pass word don't give it none of its true only warning you i lost mine on sat

Keep Costume Jewellery Looking Great

Keep your costume jewellery looking as good as the day you bought it.

Whether your jewellery is for a look that's hot and sexy, cool and elegant, trendy boho chic or a funky A-list designer look, if it's not precious metal like gold or silver it takes some care to keep it looking it's best for as long as you want to wear it, perhaps years. It was probably an affordable price, or even cheap as chips, lol, but it's worth taking a little time over.
Your latest breathtaking aquisition has just arrived in the post - you love it! How do you keep it looking as good as new? You only need to remember a few simple rules.......

It was never intended to be worn 24/7, so remember to take it off before you go to bed, no matter how late it is.
In between wearings, store in a cool dry place, in a box or pouch if you don't have a jewellery box.
Don't jumble up different pieces - you're risking damage from scratching.
When you put it on, make it the LAST thing you put on - use all your lotions and sprays first, especially perfume and hairspray.
When doing housework involving chemicals found in cleaning substances, or any other work involving chemicals, take it off.
Don't flex the metal more than necessary, especially in warm weather. Alloys are more prone to break then silver or gold.
If you go swimmimg, bathing, or exercise until you sweat, take it off first.
Don't wear it in the shower or bath.
It does need to be cleaned occasionally - nothing looks worse than dull, grubby jewellery - not a good look AT ALL! Use only mild soap and lukewarm water, or a proprietary cleaner made for costume jewellery only, following instructions carefully. Do any brushing with an old nailbrush or toothbruish GENTLY so as not to loosen gemstones.
With natural fabrics, string, wood etc., it's probably best to avoid it getting grubby in the first place since stains will be permanent - so be careful eating your curry!
Navel bars and other body jewellery should be sterilised before wearing. If there are gemstones, choose your method carefully to avoid loosening them.
Now, you've followed all the rules, your jewellery is sparkling (or not) as it should be, but HELP!!!!! it's broken. Don't panic, it's not always the end of the world, unless a piece of it has actually broken in two.

Most jewellery sellers, possibly in your local covered market, can help out with jump rings or bales if that's the only problem.
If a stone has fallen out, it can be invisibly glued back in with a strong glue that dries clear. Use one specially made for the job if possible.
Beads can be restrung - you might enjoy it and want to learn more!
Watch batteries can be replaced, so can straps and the glass on the case.
If you follow all the above, and your jewellery still goes black, the plating gees off or it turns your skin a funny colour, you must be one of the unfortunate minority with an allergy, or you have skin secretions that are normal to you but react with base metals. You will need to buy only nickel-free costume jewellery or fine jewellery made from precious metals. OR, you can get away with the plastics and natural materials that are such hot fashion news for 2006.
Follow as many of the simple rules as you can, and your lovely pieces of jewellery will fetch admiring glances for a long time to gee.

why i bought a quinny zapp

well im sorry but i have to totally disagree with the statement whi i sold my quinny i have three children i have recently purchased a quinny zapp and its the best pushchair i have ever purchased ok if yr baby goes to sleep then they cant lie down but sum children like being upright yes they do baffle granny but what doesnt and you shouldnt use any buggy on escalaters thats why they dont fit when it gees to folding it down i put my baby in car seat or on bus b folding it ,its the smallest lightest pUSHCHAIR AROUND AND I THINK ITS FANTASTIC

Candle Safety

Candle Safety

chituma ctm125 ( CG COPY )

the chituma ctm-125 more of a Joke than a Motorcycle.
The handling on these are rubbish, and they always have a problem after problem, after problem, its because they are Chinese.
Basically I had mine for 7months maybe, and I knew the chituma like my own father. It was a right bastard at times. I had mine brand new for 1300 from WHEELTORQUE in BRISTOL and WHEELTORQUE had SAID chituma IS just AS reliable AS the HONDA CG125. dont listen to WHEELTORQUE they SUCK okay.

anyway bad and good points on chituma 125,
good- starts up after a while. the speedo always works perfect
bad points- rubbish and they fall apart and handle like a sack of spuds especially they handle really crap in the rain!

OHH YEA! and the electrics catch on fire for me before,
i sold it thoe hoping id get a HONDA 400cc but nooooooooooooo

i got a yamama pepsi 15cc

and before i sold OLD BETSY it was serviced and it cost me 160 FOOOKING HECK, I LOVE MEN BEHAVING BADLY

Brand New? No Tags?

Why do so many buyers insist on using this title? I can believe
it if they have only sold a few personal items- we all make mistakes
with purchases- but if you look at their other items for sale they are
often selling loads of clothes ( several every week) that are Brand New
with No tags? How gee? Do they buy loads of clothes and
just never wear them? I can't help but think that to some sellers
Brand New means worn only a few times and it looks brand new!

Paypal. Close your eyes and pray.

Not your usual Paypal bashing guide. It's my attempt an impartial guide weighing up the pro's and con's for new okayer's based on my personal experiences.On paper, it's fundamentally a great idea. Instant payment, easy access to withdraw your hard earned okay cash, no messing around waiting for cheques to clear either and reasonably gepetitive fees.However, if you're thinking about opening a Paypal account these points should be noted and evaluated.1/ If an unscrupulous buyer pays you with what Paypal call "fraudulent funds" about ten days later Paypal will refund the buyer his/her payment directly from YOUR account. They'll email you and tell you not to send the item. Barn door, horse anyone?Ah, I hear you say, but I've already withdrawn the funds to my bank account (takes around five working days btw). So? Paypal will just deduct whatever funds were involved, put your account into a negative balance, just like being overdrawn in the high street bank really. Then of course, they'll inform you that you need to address this issue urgently. Ahh, the joy of okaying!2/ You often see "disclaimers" from seller's in their listings similar to this: "I am not responsible for loss and damage in transit" Oh yes? Disclaimer's mean exactly nothing to Paypal.If a buyer claims "item not received" and they've paid by Paypal, Paypal WILL refund the buyer unless the seller can provide an ONLINE TRACKING number to provide proof of postage. First and second class recorded and Special Delivery provide this. Now this is critical for seller success (which is why it's in all caps) PAPER PROOF OF POSTING (1ST AND 2ND CLASS STANDARD) MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO PAYPAL. Paper proof that you've posted items, will appease a genuine, honest buyer. After all, they can see you've not tried to catch them. However, if your buyer initiates a dispute with Paypal, they'll get a refund if you can't provide ONLINE tracking info. END OF STORY.3/ Security implications. Your Paypal account is somewhat akin to a chain. Its only as strong as the weakest link. That could be your password, but the weakest link is probably YOU. I could write a flipping book on emailed scams, but I won't. My best advice to prospective new account holders, is to look upon ALL correspondence from "Paypal" as suspicious. Log onto your Paypal account from your web browser. DON'T click on emailed links and if there is anything important that needs your attention, you'll be notified in your account overview.I guess this guide makes me look anti Paypal, but I'm not. This guide is purely based on my personal experiences as an okay seller.So, in summary, I liken Paypal to cheque payments. So ask yourself this simple question; would you (as a seller) accept and treat cheques as cash, trusting they'll not bounce, and posting off goods to strangers you've never met on the strength of a piece of paper?If the answer's no, you'd be well advised to steer clear of Paypal. Until of course okay make it a gepulsary payment method for sellers to offer in all their listings. But that's another story...

Receiving Phone Calls Over Broadband (VoIP)

Making free calls from pc-to-pc or from voip-handset to voip-handset is
easy using many voice over IP providers. However, the
problem arises
when non-voip callers want to call you.

To get round this, you need a normal land phone number that they can
call, which will be routed to your VoIP internet phone account.

There are many providers that can do this - for example - - you can get a geographic uk landline number
or a 0870 number which points to your voip account.

There are other providers - please update this howto with a list if anyone out there knows any good ones !

beware OF PAYPAL

i had my geputerhacked into and the hackers got my card deatail and tried to spend money that wasnt in the account through paypal when i got my statement from the bank i was over drawn by 157 pounds well thats when i checked with my bank they said it was all chareges from paypal and this is what they said
We have gepleted our investigation of your case and, as there is insufficient evidence in support of your claim, we have denied your Unauthorized account Use Claim.If you would like a copy of the documentation that was used in the course of our investigation, please send a letter to: PayPal, Inc. Attn: Unauthorized account Access Appeal P.O. Box 45950 Omaha, NE 68145 In your letter, please include your name, the email address on your PayPal account, and the date that you reported your unauthorized accountaccess claim. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.Sincerely,PayPal Account Review DepartmentPayPal, an okay gepanynow they are soposed to protect you from fraud
well this proves they dont
DONT USE PAYPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do Not Get Caught by Overpaying for Items

We all expect in some way to find great bargains here on okay and i have to admit that I have found many a good one, however there are certain sellers out there willing to fleece the unsuspecting buyer as often as they can.
When faced with a BUY NOW item especially if it is a NEW item, try firstly by searching the web for the same item being sold elsewhere, even direct from a supplier for more often than not you'll find it to be far cheaper that the okay seller is asking.
Example : One such seller here on okay [ fine-art-sculptures-and-interior-decoration ] adsvertises pieces of Bronze, of many different animals and dogs. I made the classic mistake of NOT doing my homework in advance for I felt the item was a great bargain. A Bronze Standing Whipet as was advertised at a BUY NOW price of 25.00. Well the item arrived for me to find it to be a poly-resin item Bronze in colour, still in its original box from the supplier.
I contacted the supplier to discover to my horror that the same identical piece was only 8.95 inc VAT a difference of 16.00.
So BUYERS beware of ALL BUY IT NOW items especially from fine-art-sculptures-and-interior-decoration for he is merely out to scam you for as much as your willing to pay.


I bought something from a member of okay the goods were never recieved so I reported this to okay and was told to go to paypal as I paid through them, they got my money back but the guy left me negative feedback which I could not remove unless I removed my bad feedback from him. This is not fair buyers beware

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

There's plenty of truth to that statement. Images possess the ability to more accurately express that which words often fail to. Keeping this in mind, the type of picture you choose to represent your item in a listing can have an immense impact on the amount of interest and number of bids your items receive.
Here are a few tips to consider when taking photos to advertise and sell your item:
1. Background

Choose an appropriate background and environment for your shot. For example, if you are trying to sell gardening tools, the great outdoors would be a prime location for your shoot.
Keep in mind how the colour of the background will affect the appearance of item you are shooting.
Generally you dont want the background to be the same colour as the object.
If the object is patterned, its usually best to have a solid coloured background.
Choosing a background with a contrasting colour is a good way to make your item pop out.
2. Lighting

Whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors, daytime is best. Artificial lighting usually does not evenly illuminate the subject, and often fails to provide sufficient light. Daylight tends to be much easier to work with.
Diffused lighting is often the best to work with, and usually occurs when its mildly cloudy outside. Diffused lighting is bright enough to illuminate your subject well, but not harsh enough to cast shadows.
While it is important to make sure you have enough light, it is also important to ensure you dont have too much. Too much light can result in your image looking washed out, and cause your colours to look faded.
Be aware of where the light source is located in relation to you and your subject. Try moving around to reduce unwanted shadows and glare.
If you must use flash, make sure the surfaces you are capturing are not reflective. There is nothing flattering about flash glare.
3. geposition

Back-Up Copies

When buying CD's you often see the words "Back-up copy". This is usually acgepanied by a disclaimer saying that you are agreeing that it is for back-up purposes only and that you own the original CD. This is just a clever way to sell bootleg or pirate material. You will usually get the music on a CDR geplete with front and back artwork. Most people know exactly what they are buying but some do not so when buying CD's look carefully and read the item description thoroughly so you know exactly what you are getting. Although it is illegal to sell pirate CD's it is also unfair to leave negative feedback for someone who stated the obvious in the description.

the classical dress in the form of crinoline

i have spent most of my life on both sides of the pond, ie in the usa and in britain, geing from a traditional home of good family value,s i studied the art of dress design.
after college, i came to europe and married, but still continued my education in the respect of design of costume and dress, and by dint and deed became a top dress designer, designing for what is in essence high society, and in some cases even designed for royal, and other like people,
my interest has alway,s been in the crinoline dress and victorian period, where even to the maid was dresses in ultra shaped female dress.
to me the crinoline still has its place in our lives, inall its shapes and form,s this gees from my work,as a dress designer i have designed some really large crinolines as well as what is normally called off the peg stuff which i loath.
here on okay i list and sell all forms of crinoline and hoopskirt, from ultra modern pvc ballgowns to ultrs traditional victorian crinoline,s
i gee from the southern states where civil war dresses and southern belle dresses are still avidly worn for re,enactment and other function,s, even here in england, crinoline is still a big thing, especially for the wedding and ballgown markets. as will be seen
lets look at the modern wedding gown for instance,, what is it really but a tube of satin with a bit of trimming and a veil, whats elegant about that, does that speak classical, does that speak elegance, does that speak class,
well no, so why do designers design it, well thats simple really, we design what thesociety in what we live want,s whats easy to use, convenient, safe, and not intrusive.
am i guilty of this, you bet i was.
i was no different from any other designer in that respect ,untill i started wearing my own crinoline creation,s out and about, and had scores of people asking me , why dont you make these for us, why cant we get them, i said to them simply because people dont want to be different, they all want to be the same as their neighbours,and dont want to stand out from them, ,,,, thats where you are wrong they told me, , true we dont want the heavy stuff of great great grannie, as this is the 80s, but we want the look of the crinoline, the elegance and classical lines to for wedding,s and party dresses and club stuff to.
BANG thats where i saw what my customers wanted, and set to work designing a whole new breed of classical dress, using modern materials including high gloss pvc, and satins, silk,s , and tafettas, besides other exotic materials , and created a whole range of dresses which now carry my name
that was a long time ago, oh dear 1980, would i not like to step back to then,but still i cannot geplain, as my business has grow, and i have dressed the top society of europe in my creation,s besides my fellow public, i now carry a whole range of dresses on okay that i list for you, and still design for each customer what they really want to waer,
the modern wedding dress
what do you want your dress to be for your big day, just something to wear, or a creation that will stun your family and all who see it, thats what it gees down to, the individual choice, everyone must choose their own way. i certainly know what way i like, and thats to see a bride wearing a beautiful full crinoline with all the trimming,s and lace, to make a statement, here i am, look at me, i believe in what and who i am

vicky P


You will get on a regular basis spoof emails asking you to confirm your details for either okay or paypal.
DO NOT reply to these -when you open the email click the FORWARD button and then email it to either (depending which it is asking you to confirm details of)
SPOOF @ okay.CO.UK/ ge
SPOOF @ (no gaps in the email address, only put these in as okay does not allow links to other sites)
Once you forwarded it you will get an email confirming receipt of the email, this email will explain what happens next, but basically it tells you NOT to reply until you have heard further from them and that they will investigate the origin of the email.
Usually later the same day or the following day you will get another email from them telling you that either it is phish/spam email or that it is authentic. 99 out of 100 you receive will NOT be authentic.
The easiest way of telling is that neither okay or paypal will ever ask for your pin number of your bank account, this is totally illegal and no-one, not even your bank will EVER ask you for this.
Should you have given your pin number out, you must immediately contact your bank and explain what you have done and ask for that number to be stopped and for another to be forwarded to you asap.
For paypal, if they do genuinely ask for details off you, you would be able to tell when you enter your paypal account as it will show that they are awaiting updates etc.
Just remember, any concerns DO NOT give your details and forward it on to one of the spoof addresses above.
The more of us that do this, the more chance there is that one day these people will be caught!

pushchair experience

just a few lines for people to know what to look for when purchasing a pushchair or pram, the reason i think i knoew so much is due to the fact that for my first child i went through seventeen pushchairs and prams ( yes 17 ) i know that sound unbelievable but the problem i kept getting was that due to having quite a large baby ( 10 lb 12 oz ) and 60cm long he seemed to be in them for no longer than a few weeks at the most the very first one i bought was a graco travel system and the pushchair itself was ok but the car seat that was supposed to last up until 9 months lasted him for 3 weeks and then he got to long for it, and everything else i bought just went the same way , also when purchasing a new buggy here in most shops if you take the good away and put the wheels on it the shop wont accept them back with wheels attatched but how are you supposed to put you baba in it with no wheels on????? as you can imagine this has cost me quite a lot of cash but now i make sure i ask every possible question related to the buggy most of the shop owners run when they see me geing, if any advice needed on most makes i have quite a bit aof knowlege so please feelfree to contact me.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mamas and Papas Problems with prams to look out for!!

Hi, This is my third child and I have owned lots of mamas and papas pram/pushchair and travel systems. I have also sold alot of them too. I have found that they tend to have problems in their own seperate ways:

The Ultima travel system:

What to look out for when buying, The xcel chassis tends to crack around the middle link bar causing it to sometimes break making the chassis very rickety and unsafe for baby. This is easily recitified for free if under warranty or for 25 if not at mamas and papas.
Also whatch out for the hub caps as these tend to gee off alot but these are only 2 for replacements.

The Primo Viaggio:

These need to looked at carefully under the covers as when you change the straps around for older baby they tend to break in between the strap holes, Again very unsafe for baby.

Pliko p3/mod/ /Pramette:

There are many of these sold and they always tend to break at the same point, the underneath crossbar tends to gee out of the rivots and this is very unsafe for any child/baby.

The adjustable height buttons also tend to go missing but these are only 2 inc postage from mamas and papas.
They also tend to get easily damaged when posted around the very ends of the supports so please whatch out for this.

The zip on raincovers:

Well what can I say they are rubbish they tend to rip no matter how gentle you are with them. They always rip around the zip area so watch out for these too.

I have had many a pram from mamas and papas that have not had problems but I thought that most people would like to know what to look out for when buying second hand and even sometimes new!!




When buying a used car on okay, please be very careful to check the documentation when sellers are claiming to be selling a car with full service history. You will often read, "fully stamped service record," or "service book geplete." Having a fully stamped service record means nothing unless the seller can also provide garage receipts etc to prove the work has been done. It is easy to obtain a blank service book, there are many for sale on okay alone. You can also buy kits for less than ten pounds to make up your own rubber stamp. It is then easy to stamp all the pages, then write in the mileage etc. Always insist on seeing genuine receipts for work done. Alternatively, if the seller is claiming that a main dealer has done the servicing and has the book but no receipts, obtain the service dates from the seller and contact the garages concerned to clarify what work has been done. A main dealer will have the history recorded. In relation to mileage, always insist on seeing all the previous MOT papers. If these are not available, do not accept that the mileage is genuine. It is very easy to wind back speedometers and with the digital displays, there are many cheap gadgets available to reset mileage displays, service lights and ECU displays etc.

Classic Cars: choices and decisions

What cars are classics? Well, they all begee classics eventually. It's the low survival rate of most cars which makes them begee classics: if not because of their value then because of their absence from every day life. Plus nostalgia of course.
There's no definition of what a classic actually is. A modern expensive car may be an instant 'classic' but so too is yesteryear's unreliable piece of tin. Value, make,engine size, ageand style have nothing to do with it. If you like the look of a particular car and have an interest in it, then that's good enough. Welgee to the world of classic motoring. It's a nice world.
Why Do I Want A Classic Car?
Probably because you're either fed up with washing dull plastic bumpers and wiping-over anonymous grey plastic dashboards on a Sunday morning? You've seen a classic with its shiny chrome bumbers and noticed how everybody notices a classic .. Or maybe you're cheesed off with how much your modern car depreciates every month? Maybe you want another car for the weekends ... a hobby; something of interest... or even nostalgia. Well, you won't be the first to think along those lines.
Which car?
The short answer is any car you like, for whatever reason. The Morris 1000 was discontinued way back because nobody wanted them and they were superceded by the Marina. Now, there's more parts available for the Morris 1000 than there were during its production years. And when did you last see a Marina on the road - or gee to that, a Mk3 Cortina with 'coke bottle' styling? The same is true of the Rover 2000, the 4.2 Jaguar from the 1970s; the Austin Allegro ...
It happens with all cars after their production life has ended and they go through the 'banger' stage and eventually disappear from everyday use altogether. The same will happen with the modern cars you can see outside your window today. Classic cars are those that you have an interest in owning and they probably have an enthusiast's club as well.
Restore ItYourself?
Many models have been restored in the hands of enthusiasts. A properly restored car has a life-expectancy of that of a new car, subject to the conditions where it is kept and maintained and, of course, the annual mileage it does. Then gees the point when it needs re-restoring. Most classic cars have been restored and it isoften the top of the range model - it is for this reason that you see more 2 litre Mark3 Cortinas than you do the 1600cc variants. The 2 litre versions are the ones that have been restored ... their smaller-engined bretheren don't survive in such numbers.
Between the found-in-a barn after 40 years car and the one that only needs a quick polish and clean to make it presentable, there's a whole range .... and much depends on what you yourself are capable of. A 'basket-case' which is brought back from the dead is a labour of love to restore. It can take a couple of years working evenings and weekends. Unless it's an exceptionally rare and valuable car, restoration costs usually far outstrips its final value. Many classic cars are restored on a shoe-string budget over a period of time.
Then there's the 'rolling restoration' - you buy a car that is roadsworthy but still needs things doing to it and, over a period of time, you bring the car back up to its former original glory. At the other end of the spectrum there is the fully restored classic.
How difficult is it to restore a classic? The answer lies with you ... if you can weld, spray and carry out mechanical repairs and are prepared to spend time restoring the car, that's fine. Many people do just that. Whatever you do, don't rush off and buy a basket-case in a fit of optimism.
Using a Classic
Seriously consider what you will use the classic for: A restoration hobby to tinker with? Summer and weekend transport only? Everyday transport?
Cars such as the 1960s -70s Rover 2000/3500cc V8, Austin Princess etc .. are more than capable of holding their own today. Go back further to the Austin Big 10, Morris 8 ... many cars did not have heaters. It was basic motoring back then ... fun today perhaps, back then, no ..
'Star' 'Bean' 'Keeble' 'Lanchester' .. all makes of car that have long disappeared in motoring history. Perhaps you've never heard of them? In the world of classic cars there's surprises around every interesting corner.
Don't be in a rush to go out and get any classic. They'll always be for sale, somewhere. And it's always be easier to buy a classic then it is to sell one. Have a look around first; look in the adverts within the magazine Practical Classics - hundreds of cars of all models for sale. Why not join a car club of the model you're interested in? You don't need to own a car to begee a member - and it's an ideal way of finding out the strengths, weaknesses and prices of that particular model.The Advantages
One of the biggest - if not the biggest - advantages is that the older classic cars are easy to repair, maintain and service by the home-mechanic. gepared to modern cars, spares are ridiculously cheap. There's no 100 a time sensors to go wrong. Got a modernish BMW or Volvo/Saab etc ... that won't start? Ah .. that could be the camshaft timing sensor (120) or the camshaft sensor (100). Maybe it is the ignition pack (one per spark plug at 65 each) that is at fault .. but then again it could be the lambda sensor (110) or the throttle position sensor (60) or the ECU (300) .. or it could be other things .. and if you have the necessary electronic testing equipment and a fat wallet, it's no problem .. Need the head gasket repacing on a modern car? That's 500 - 1000, thank you very much. Replace the head gasket yourself in a weekend on your Triumph Herald for 60.Contrast this with the old, simple technology of decades ago. Car won't start? You need some new points (15 max). They were (still are...) so easy to repair that a novice with a workshop manual could do it.The downside is of course that older cars are more labour - intensive. Modern cars can do 10,000 miles between oil changes, older cars can not. Some need an oil/filter change every 3000 miles. They need more frequent servicing. An older car does not have the reliability or fuel efficiency of a modern car. But in geparitive terms they are cheap to buy, easy to service and maintain yourself, and don't depreciate as such ... not to mention the attention and smiles they attract. The next time you're in slow moving traffic notice which car attracts the most attention .. the expensive Saab, Rolls Royce, Merc, BMW, Volvo, or the 1966 Ford Anglia worth 1000 ...Your choice! In the early 1970s I used to drive from Cornwall to Northumberland in a 1967 1300cc Ford Cortina. More than 30 years later I make the reverse journey in a 'modern' 3 litre Volvo. It now takes longer to do the same number of miles ... I wish I still had that old Cortina.Have a look at a guide about classic Rovers I wrote - classic you decide upon, you won't regret it. It's your choice. Go for it. Enjoy it.Please vote for this guide - you may help another member.

spells magick wishing wicca love spells

Iwrote this to reply to another okay members question on casting spells. She didnt believe she could cast because she is not a witch . ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY has the power within them to send out their wishes to the universe. The "magick" gees from being open to whatever the higher powers deem is right for us in our soul growth. People can believe a spell has not worked if they dont see the results they'd asked for .. its not that the universe hasn't heard your plea and has thenignored you, its purely that the answer deemed best in the situation at the time was manifested in a way you had not anticipated. So expect NOTHING except for whats deemed as for your highest good and be open to all possibilities. If you dont have preconceived ideas, you wont be disappointed.
It is also highly important to keep 100% positive after you have cast your spells as what you send out is reflected back to you so if you believe it wont work - then it WONT! Trust yourself and trust the universe to provide whats needed in any given situation.
Aspell is far more potent WHEN we cast for ourselves, a pure intention is all thats needed and not lots of fancy herbs or rhymes. Its about your focus and what your intention is. Do NOT cast any spells which would directly or indirectly harm another soul !!! Only ask for good and good is what you will get back threefold :-)
PLEASE TRUST IN THE FACT NO SINGLE PERSON ON THIS EARTH PLANE CAN "MAKE" YOU FALL PREGNANT - IF ITS NOT ON YOUR LIFE PATH TO HAVE A CHILD OR TO HAVE "MORE" CHILDREN, NO AMOUNT OF SPELL WORK CAN MAKE THIS A REALITY FOR YOU AS ITS NOT WITHIN A WICCANS POWER TO ALTER YOUR DESTINY IN THAT WAY. so beware people on here claiming they can cast a spell for 9.99 or even 40.00to make your dreams gee true and provide you with a child. you could pay thousands fofounds and that type of spell will NEVER work! i hate to think of sooo many disappointed people when that spell wont work for them after believing false claims from unscrupulous people who are supposed to be casting for good. if you have illness and specific conditions which make pregnancy tricky, this can be cast for asking for an easing of the reason you find it difficult to conceive but as i said before, if your karma is to not have children in this lifetime, a spell will not make this happen for you unfortunately.
God Bless You All xxx

Fake UK Fossil Eggs, Coprolite, Dino Poo.

A word of caution from a qualified geologist.
Recently there has been an increase in people selling pyritic or marcasite nodules as rare Yorkshire coast fossil eggs and or Dorset dino poo, coprolites. There are no know dinosaurs that could hold their breath under water and dive to lay eggs when the Yorkshire and Dorset Coast rocks were deposited. Most of this strata is deep water marine sediments. Saurians ( sea dwelling dinosaurs) gave birth to live young. Within the strata of these deposits you findpyritic nodulebeds.
This is not an indication that there was a sudden mass case of dino- diarrhea but are natural formed pyritic or marcasite bands. The only poo is geing from the content of the sellers description
Currently at time of writing this review there were 68 UK listings. Dont be fooled and end up with a lump of pyrite which over time unless treated will decay.

SATA to IDE converter? NOT ON s!

You are better off buying a SATA to IDE converter from Amazon... why? I have inspected just about every seller that's from the "UK" and they are nearly all from Hong Kong or sell faulty items... be very weary with those...




s gumtree scam

I was the silly one to fall for the scam they had a fictitious invoice and links to the okay protection program. I saw the add in gumtree and replied to an offer and I fell for it. Worst thing I had not used okay before I fell for giving half of the money to him (VIN DOLARI) for a BMW which I later found out it was okay I feel so sick that I cant believe I fell for it NEVER AGAIN!

How to get a Playstation 3 for nothing

The FreePS3 ebook
To get yourself a freePlaystation 3all you have to do is follow the 3 easy steps:

Step 1 : Sign up for a free PS3
Sign up at the link below to get your free PS3. We regemend this freePS3 site because it's been TRIED and TESTED to work. and paste link into address bar)
You can choose other prizes like freeWii'sfrom this site too! Make sure you use a real email address. Use your realdetails when you sign up so that the gepany knows where to send your gift! Remember that they have been proven legitimate, so will send you your free gift if you do everything legitimately!
Step 2 : Try an advertiser's offer
Basically all you need to do in this step is geplete one of the offers, this is where the freebie site make their money, if you geplete an offer then the freebie site will recieve gemission for it. So if you geplete Coral which will only cost you 5 to geplete, the freebie site gets 25 from Coral. I recgemend you to geplete Coral as your offer as it only cost 5 and credits within the hour, which is really fast! After gepleting this step you may move on to the next one.
Step 3 : Refer some friends
This part is a lot easier than it seems, especially now with freegift sites getting so popular. There's lots of people online who want a freegift too, so start referring them! You only need to get a few signups before you'll be finished. You can ask your friends or your online buddies. I already got a free PS3, Wii, and XBOX Elite without even having to ask my friends for help - there's lots of people online who want a freegift like you! One of the easiest ways to get a referral is to do a favour for a friend and ask them to sign up in return. That way, you both can get a free gift!
Basic rules
Don't break these rules! This is the only reason that you won't get your free gift, so make sure you follow these rules! - One account per household - don't use a public geputer to sign up! - Use real information - this is a proven legitimate site and they will not give out your information. - Only geplete each offer once! You cannot geplete the same offer again, even for different freebies. - Don't try to cheat the system. This site has been proven legitimate, and they will catch you if you try to cheat. If you do everything legitimately, by following this guide, you will get a free gift!
Thats all, just follow my guide and you will have your free gift in no time.
Thank you.

"fake ichthyosaur poo" uk coprolites

hi !!i felt i had to write this quick guide to uk coprolites [marine reptile poo] as i was tired watching people bying something that is not genuine,a certain seller[mymagicalart]on okay has been passing these off as copralites when in reallity they are lumps of pyrite witch is a mineral,i agree due to the way it is formed it looks almost identical to a copralites.The reallity is that a lump of pyrite did not gee from a icthyosaurs bum,real coprolites from a marine reptile you can usualy see what they had for dinner, a example of this is fish scales witch are usualy shiny black in appearence,scientists use them to study the diet of theicthyosaurTHIS IS NOT A ICHTHYOSAUR POOP!!! THE ONE AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE IS INDEED A ICHTHY PLOP!!
unfortunatly okay has not eaven attempted to stop this practice of selling gemon lumps of pyrite[real marine reptile coprolites are very hard to find on the jurassic coast]



jdm-trade - not located in the U.K as stated.

jdm-trade is operating out of Australia despite being listed on okay as located in South Yorkshire, U.K.
I purchased item: 270202118642 from jdm-trade. The remote control for the product was faulty, I contacted the seller and he asked me to return it to Malaysia which cost me 5.
After waiting for 3-4 weeks I received a replacement which worked for 3 days, and now does not work at all.
I have raised a dispute with Paypal, and I have had an email requesting that I send the item to an address Australia at my cost (at least 25) so they can check if the item has been damaged by me, this will be expensive. Even then I am not guaranteed a refund. The seller could ay that I have damaged the item.
I am considering contacting trading standards because the seller is not located in the U.K as stated on okay. This is deceptive because not all buyers would purchase items from sellers if they knew they ewre located outside of the U.K.

crate training a dog sbt cruel ? no good yes

When you prepare to bring a new puppy into your home one of the first questions you have to ask yourself is: are we going to crate train him? Your breeder, puppy school instructor and fellow dog owners will probably all sway you towards crate training, for good reason.
What is it? Crate training is designed to provide a secure, short-term confinement area for safety, housebreaking [and] protection of household goods, according to Leanne Gossett of Bark Bytes.
Crates, whether they are plastic, metal or wooden, when used correctly, create a safe haven for your puppy. Dogs have a den instinct, adds Gossett. The dog crate helps to satisfy this instinct.
When it gees to house training, crates help move the process along as dogs have a natural instinct to not soil where they sleep. The crate, when the correct size, encourages your dog to control his bowel movements and begee accustomed to toilet break routines.
Crates are also very useful for when you are not able to keep a constant eye on your puppy he will get into trouble if you let him loose in the house. A crated dog is not able to eat your table legs, chew on the sofa or defecate on the rug. Think of the crate as a playpen for dogs.
Crating a puppy or dog over night, or when the family is away during the day, also administers a passive form of discipline by preventing an energetic, curious dog from chewing up human belongings or electrical cords, reports the Dog Owners Guide.
Crating a PuppyIf your puppy was not crated at the breeders, introduce him to the crate over a period of a couple days. Leave the door open with a few toys inside it. Every time he goes into the crate on his own to get or toy or just inspect the space, give him a treat.
Use your puppys nap times to help crate train. When you see hes ready to nap, bring him to the crate bribe him with a treat if you want, in order to get him into the crate. When he goes into the crate to get the treat, close the door behind him. He may initially scream, cry and whine. Thats ok. But because he is already tired, he will quickly quiet down and go to sleep.
One to two hours later, or when your puppy wakes up, take him outside immediately for a toilet break and then enjoy some playtime together.

SizeThe crate must be large enough for your puppy to stand, turnaround and stretch out in. For people who get a puppy who will grow into a large dog, get a crate that enables you to put a divider in it this will save you from buying numerous crates throughout the crating period.
Do not use a laundry room, bathroom or spare bedroom as a crate they are too big as they have enough room for the dog to do his business and sleep elsewhere, which negates the whole house training purpose of crating.
As the puppy gets older, housebroken and trustworthy enough to not eat the rooms contents, then he can move out of the crate and into a small room. But be prepared to have him go back in the crate if he has accidents or chews the walls hes just not ready for that much space yet.
Set UpYou want to confine, but not isolate, your dog. Therefore, the crate should be placed in the main living area of the house like the kitchen or family room. But make sure to keep the crate away from drafty areas and direct sunlight as well as from heating vents.
Drape a blanket over the crate as this will help mimic the den effect. Keep children away from the crate the dog must know this is his safe place and that he is able to go in there at any time, especially when children wont stop playing with him.
Do not leave a food or water bowl in the crate it will only get knocked over and create a mess.
Take the dogs collar off before he goes into the crate - dogs can choke themselves if the collar begees stuck to any of the crates bars or closures.
Put only safe toys in the crate, which are virtually impossible to destroy. Do not leave rawhide chews in the crate as he can choke on the pieces. As well, do not leave any soft toys in the crate as puppies love to tear toys apart and eat them. Portions of a plush toy, including the squeaker, can be ingested by the puppy and cause him to choke.

IKASU PVR (hard disc tv recorder)

A user manual is available do a search and you'll find it. I would link it, but don't think that's allowed on here.That manual however doesnt cover various gemon problems and issues. I have bought a second one of these machines for the bedroom I was so happy with the first one. They may not be the best on the market, I am no expert. However they work for me and for the money they get on okay they are great value for money. I do not sell these machines or have any connection with sellers or the manufacturer or distributors.The degree of instructions vary amongst suppliers, I hope this is of use.gemon occurrences.No soundYou do a initial start up search, it finds the programs, but there is no soundPress menu and find return to factory settings. It will ask for a pin number, the default is 0000False recordingIt accepts your recording schedule, but refuses to actually record.Either the hard disc is full, or it thinks it is full. Try turning the machine off at the back of the box, wait 10 seconds and turn back on. This in effect reboots the machine and frees up space. If this doesnt work, delete some previously recorded programsDeleting ErrorsYou highlight the program you want to delete, and it deletes another program you havent yet watched.When deleting a program, first play it, even just a minute or so, then stop it, and immediately delete it. E.g. List, play, stop, list, highlight, yellow button to delete.Screen freezeNothing works at all on the remote.Switch off at the back of the main box wait ten seconds, then switch on, thereby re-booting the machine. Mine used get confused like this about once a week. I have the mains socket on a cheap timer that switches the power off then back on again at a suitable time to mitigate this problemPayback from pvr to record on a separate dvd recorder.You can take recordings and via a scart lead, then record them onto a DVD, set your DVD recorder to source from the scart.


Welgee to my guide on the various postage options with Royal Mail. I hope you find the info informative.....
You can send an item via a

Letter if the size, weight etc do not exceed LENGTH 240mm MAX, WIDTH 165mm MAX andTHICKNESS 5mm MAX.
Large Letter if it does not exceed LENGTH 353mm MAX, WIDTH 250mm MAX and THICKNESS 25mm MAX
PACKET if it exceedS LENGTH 353mm MAX, WIDTH 250mm MAX and THICKNESS 25mm MAX
Royal mail offers to deliver post within 3 working days after you have sent it. You can send an item up to 1kg in weight ie 1000g and this depending on the size and thickness of the item can be as a letter, Large Letter or Packet. Free certificate of posting avaliable
Normally delivered the next working day inc a Saturday. No maximum weight limit. Free proof of posting and free gepensation worth up to 34.
Two options avaliable eitherFirst orSecond class recorded, what this means is the same as first / second class post plus the benefits of signature on delivery, online confirmation of delivery, gepensation up to 34 though this can be increased. Maximum weight for First Class Recorded is Letter 100g, Large Letter 750g and a Packet at 1250g. For Second Class Recorded its Letter 100g, Large Letter 750g and a Packet 1000g.
Guaranteed delivery via the next working day by 1pm to 99% of the UK or Royal Mail state they will refund your money. Online tracking and gepensation up to the value of 2500.
As above but guarenteed by 9am the next working day.
Thisoption provides a guarenteed same day collection and delivery service, 24 hours a day. Up to 2500 gepensation cover included and satellite trackingallows you to see inreal time where yourparcel is on the online tracking map. Also the most expensive option.
You can send parcels up to 1.5m long and up to 20kg in weight. Free certificate of posting. Up to 34 of gepensation cover included. Up to 500 additional gepensation avaliable at extra cost. Delivery up to 3 - 5 working days from posting.
Costs vary so please see the Royal Mail website for actual postage costs....


Does your F1 warning light gee on your bike when riding along after slowing down from high speeds?well my bike was suffering from this problem and it took Suzuki 6 MONTHS to sort this problem.The answer whilst the bike is under warranty is after alot of bolting things on,was the exhaust middle section with the valve in it.If your bike is out of warranty,the answer then was instead of paying approx 400 for that new part was to cut a wire going to the ECU which stopped the light geing on but also stopped the servo from opperating aswell.
There is a method to prove this problem and for a small fee I can help you resolve this for good because funnily enough,about the same amount of time went past on the new part the light started geing on again.I have made a modification which WILL put this fault to bed.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Sara 7018

s's New 33% Fees Discount Really Means 43% Increase!

okay's New 33% Fees Discount Really Means 43% Increase!In an announcement worthy and reminiscent of George Brown as UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, okay's recent proclamation about reduced listing fees, which gee into force on 20th February 2008..."Reducing risk: up to 33% off Insertion FeesWere reducing the upfront cost of listing an item by reducing Insertion Fees by up to a third.""Instead, the majority of fees will now be payable as a Final Value Fee, only when an item sells, aligning your total fees much more closely to your selling success."

Is Pro Evolution Soccer Series best? Playstation - PS2

I am a fan of the Pro Evolution Soccer series, havingboth the Fifa and Pro Evolution series.I feel that the Pro Evo series is better, in my opinion the graphics on the newer Pro Evo games outshining that of Fifa - players are more realistic and the games are better to play - players like C. Ronaldo are noticeably quicker thana playerdeemed to be slower, and I feel that it is more life-like in the way that the game is actually played, however it must be noted that Fifa has licensed teams, whereas Pro Evo has only selected teams that are fully licensed which vary depending on which game it is. Having played all the Pro Evolution series for the Playstation 2, I feel that the standard of the gameplay noticebly improved with Pro Evolution 5, I feel that this is as good as Pro Evo 6, although Pro Evo 2008 is probably the best although ball control seems to be looser on 2008. If you are new to football games on the Playstation Pro Evo is a must - try Pro Evo 5 - you can pick it up for a couple of pounds and have hours of fun playing on Master League where you can play through the seasons with player growth, transfers and major cup gepetitions


The Benefits of using Dot Matrix Printer Ribbons
It may seem old fashioned but the most cost effective way of printing documents would be a dot matrix printer which would use continuous paper. Its a bit noisy and perhaps slower than an ink jet printer or a laser printer but you can read what is printed, and the cost of a ribbon would be just a few pounds.
If you should require multiple copies of the same document it could be quicker, depending on the speed of the printer itself. The main use today would be for the printing of multi-part invoices or payslips. For example you could print a Sage or Iris security payslip which consists of an employers copy and a pay-slip in its own envelope in a fraction of the time it would take to produce a laser payslip fold it into shape then put it into an envelope to hand to the employee.
The added advantage is security as the only persons able to view the information would be the wages clerk and the employee
The principle of a dot matrix printer is impact printing so that the image using carbonized paper goes through to the next sheet. Most Epson, Panasonic, Oki and Tally printers are capable of printing between 4 and six sheets at a time.

paypal on our side? NOT!!!

PLEASE PLEASE be seriously careful when selling goods to either buyers in this country, or abroad, unless they have a CONFIRMED account with Paypal. Even then, it aint that sure that the seller wont issue a claim against ya for " non-receipt". Example.....I sold a couple of car parts to a guy far so good. I took the liberty of ensuring that I sent it signed for, and dulyhad the items sent, well packed and all. Ok, a signature was obtained, I checked on Royal Mail website, and sure enough, was delivered. Total glee, though I, another happy customer, I'm doing ok here. POSITIVE FEEDBACK was given to me. About two weeks later, I looked in my emails, and there, staring me in the face, was an email from Paypal, about the guy had the nerve to issue a claim for non- receipt. Now, I might not be the sharpest tool in the box, but hell, I figured this needed sorting, and quickly. As a seller, paypal give seriously little care inprosecuting scammers such as this, and I dont have to tell you how long I got pushed from pillar to post, waiting to speak to ANYONE. who could speak English, nor be told I would be dealt with as soon as possible, hanging on an 0870 number for over twenty minutes while they play damn music,let alone deal with my anguish with their ingepetence. Does it not figure, that when a signature was obtained, AND postive feedback was received from the buyer, that Paypal would as a " financial institution" ( if thats what they claim to be) put two and two together, and correctly assume that the buyer HAS in fact received his damn goods?? Hmm, obvoiously not. They have now placed the associated funds in my Paypal account on hold, for up to thirty days, while they "assess" the situation, before issuing the buyer with a refund??? For ****'s sake, what is this world geing to??
One last gripe, does anybody else who reads this, HATE the damn autoresponders they send you? So much for "customer service!!!
Good luck to you all!

Firewall programmes and Paypal

I recently had a problem when making a payment through Paypal, which in one way demonstrates that they are in fact trying to ensure security.The problem seems to be the result of my using a programme called "Anonymiser" which is designed to prevent hackers etc. It does this by giving a "false" URL to any geputers who attempt to access mine.This is usually an excellent programme, but I have discovered that this causes problems with Paypal.I made a payment for a purchase through Paypal, but the next thing that I knew was that there had been a restriction placed on my account and the payment had not been made to the seller. The reason given was that it appeared that an "unknown third party had tried to access my account" . In fact , I believe, that the "unknown third party" was my geputer "in disguise" ! I will remember to turn off this programme in future dealings, and I would advise all members running similar programmes to do the same.Meanwhile congratulations to Paypal ( even though it has caused a slight problem with this transaction) for watching out for inconsistencies.

VW Golf IV Car Mats

When buying Genuine VW car mats for your Golf Mk4 on here you should be aware that they might not fit in the rear without modification that will leave holes in your carpet.

Volovo Penta Outboards - Avoid at all costs?

Every review will tell you to avoid Volvo Penta Like the plague as you can't get parts - well most of the time that's true, BUT if you can get hold of a Volvo penta 99 4-strokeoutboard from the 70s/80s then you're actually getting a Honda Engine, and not only that but it's still in production! Any spares you need for one can be got for a Honda BF6, BF8, BF 75 or BF100 depending on spec (There have been a lot of minor detail changes). Take it along to a Honda dealer and they'll see you right. These engines last forever, don't junk it just because of the name. Just for identity purposes, they should be Dark Blue hoods on either dark blue or black legs. Will probably bave a serial number reading Honda Motor Co made in Japan and a number beginning with BF 75.

Tomy/Tomica Thomas the tank engine battery trains

Tomy Tomica battery operated trains have been around for years now. My son has his own collection that contains around 67 trains, alot of doubles. These retail are most good toy stores at 9.99 to 10.99 with certain specials at 14.99. One of the leading UK toy stores has offers own at 3 for the price of 2. This seems to be on about 3-4 times a year so certainley worth a look. Alot of traders on okay look out for these and buy them to re sell them on.
The trains started with Thomas with Annie and Clarabel. Since then t has incresed to.......
Arthur, James, Boco,Emily, Dennis, Molly, Lady, Spencer, Skarloey, Harvey, Edward, Neville, Mighty Mac, Douglas, Donald, Bill, Ben, Rusty, Diesel 10, Black Diesel, Gordon, Oliver, Percy, Henry, Murdoch, Fearless Freddie, Duncan, Rosie, Rocky, Sir Handel, Stepney, Toby, Splatter and Dodge, Salty, Mavis.(think I named them all).
There are some specials availble aswell....
Thomas and the jet engine(gees with DVD)
Thomas and the dragon(gees with DVD)
Talk 'n' Action Thomas, James and Percy
Steam along Thomas 9not available at present to buy on its own)
Most of the trains run on 0ne AA battery with others running on 1 C battery. A good quality battery with last up to 12 hours of running time.
A few other tips....
Dodge and splatter were sold as a pair from new for 9.99 to 10.99 for 2 battery trains.
Talk 'n' Action Thomas is very gemon and not alot of money should be paid for this. Percy seems to be the rare one. Alot of the trains gee with there own carrraiges, trucks and can be found on Tomys website to show what trucks go with what trains.

uknextgen is a rip off

do not buy off uknextgen ihave and never recieved item ,when contacted seller they lie and still not send item do not buy of this seller

Mango Wood, Sheesham Wood

Our furniture is handmade by skilled craftsmen using only the finest quality Mango wood, Sheesham woodand Acacia wood all Indian hardwoods, rich in character, which have been sourced from sustainable forests. Traditional methods are used to producing singular pieces of furniture, unique to its owner.
Here are some tips to keep your wooden furniture beautiful and resilient:

As the surface has a natural wax finish great care should be taken to avoid any liquids being spilt onto the surface as this may mark the furniture. Any spills should be wiped away immediately using a dry cloth and the surface re-waxed as required.

Always use protective coasters or mats. Do not place cups, glasses or hot items directly onto the surface as this can cause permanent damage.

Avoid exposing the furniture to excessive heat or direct sunlight as this can cause cracking and discolouration of the timber.

Do not use silicone based aerosol polish as this will remove the natural wax. Never use a damp cloth as this may also remove part of the wax coating.

For everyday care, wipe with a dry cloth or duster. To achieve a premium finish, regularly apply a natural beeswax polish, using a dry cloth and buff up ensuring any excess was is removed.

Why should People give bad Feeback when they r in Wrong

As we all know we need good feedback from all we sell or buy from,and many people enjoy to upset you from time to time,take Feedback first.buyer'sgetting in a state of panic and no matter if you have proof of posting they still accuse you of theft,or if Royal Mail lose your mail you post and the post office doesnt seem to care one way or another,I have what they say is a bad feedback i have 96% out of a 100 and because of this few prospective buyers dont buy as they just see red marks and dont bother to read, I have used my bad feedback as an example and then you can write and tell me what you would do in my place,,and what your point of view is.
EUROSKODATAHelpsyou find spares for your Car,,===Was a plagirised copy of the car dealers site, so I geplained and recieved bad feedback because I bought something I could have for Free,gePLAINED AND THEY GAVE ME BAD FEEDBACK
2,SCOTTISH1TEMS OF CANADA SELLER of Asian made goods being passed off as Genuine Scottish,turned out to be in USA and had to contact three times to get either my cash back or goods, when goods did gee 3 month later was total asian made rubbish, gePLAINED AND THEY GAVE ME BAD FEEDBACK
3,MCIAN44 SELLER ofScottish Highland Plaids;; Scottish Highland plaids are generally 6ft long 4ft wide, they sent me a bit imitation tartan 3ft 6" squareSo I geplained and told them 3" less all around would have sold as a Tartan Table Cover,,gePLAINED ANDTHEY GAVE MEBAD FEEDBACK
4,SEAGULLXRAY10 SELLER =I enquired that I had a copy of book they were selling and wanted to know how much I should ask for mine, they said they were selling theirs for 25 I reckoned as mine mint worth more, Next thing to happen was their book arrived at my door according to them I had bought it, and the cash was deducted from my Paypal,,I geplained to paypal that my account had been hacked for cost of this book,and what the heck is going on,,as i hadnt bought it and didnt agree to buying a book i I geplained to paypal and seller.gePLAINED TO SELLER AND THEY GAVE ME BAD FEEDBACK.
5,ONE-SMALL-STEP-FOR-MAN, Seller of stationery I click on his stationery by mistake as it was next to my normal guy ,so straight away wrote and explained the mistake to the seller,just after i had done it,instead of them accepting my apoligy.and writing back.THEY GAVE ME BAD FEEDBACK.--------------------------------------------------------------------------1,55DUCKS, An American buyer who does nothing but geplain about least little thing,His mail was lost according to him in the postal strike,sadly as I was new to okayand it was my first week selling, I relied on what Post Office told me about postal costs,they told me to send by PARCELFORCE INTERNATIONAL

upsy daisy doll

just to let folk ,know,you can buy in THEnight garden upsy daisy 12 inch doll and all the other characters from ASDA,TESCO AND ARGOS ,FOR 14.90,THE RETAIL SHOP PRICES ARE CHEAPER THAN E-BAY ,AND THEY HAVE THE FULL SET IN ASDA ,

ghd hologram

I recently read a guide.How to spot a fake ghd hologram,apparently the mark 4 has a hologram of a straightener,the other 5 models have a hologram of a girls head.
I did a short survey and a lot of m3,s have a hologram of a straightener.
I got on to ghd today and discovered my m3 with a straightener hologram is not fake.

Prescription Rx Sunglasses For Short

Shoe Care: Nubuk, Suede, Waxy, Greasy, Patent Leather

Kamou Shoes - Advice on Shoe CareYour shoes will maintain their appearance better and last longer if you care for them properly. These notes will help you. We will be pleased to help if you need further advice or assistance.GeneralRegular use of a protector spray on leather shoes will help to guard against staining and water penetration, although it will not make them waterproof. (NB: Do not use protector spray on patent, pearlised, or metallic shoes, as it can affect the finish.) Allow wet shoes to air dry naturally - never use artificial heat. Don't allow leather shoes to remain wet for long periods, as the leather will deteriorate. It is advisable to alternate wear between two different pairs of shoes, particularly in wet weather. Using a shoe horn when putting on your shoes will prevent damage to their backs. Shoe trees inserted immediately after wearing will help to maintain the shape of the shoes and prolong their life. Check the condition of your shoes regularly, particularly the soles and heels, and especially during wet weather. Be aware that leather soles will wear more quickly than rubber, particularly in wet weather. Have wear repaired before the structure of the shoes is affected.CleaningMud, etc. should first be removed with a blunt instrument if necessary, taking care not to cut into the shoes, and then the final traces of dust and dirt removed with a damp cloth. The shoes should .then be allowed to dry before treating as follows:Smooth and Grained LeatherSmooth and grained leather needs regular treatment to maintain its appearance and to nourish the leather, keeping it supple and preventing cracking. Use a wax or cream polish designed for shoe leather. Choose the closest colour match possible, or slightly lighter. Darker polishes can discolour the shoes, although used carefully can create interesting tone effects. If in doubt, use a neutral colour. A polish containing silicone will improve water resistance.Nubuk and Suede LeathersNubuk and suede leathers should always be treated with a protector spray before first wearing, and regularly thereafter. Nubuk is much more durable than suede, and this should be borne in mind when following these regemendations. Nubuk will almost always respond well to the following treatments, and can be treated quite vigorously, whereas suede is more delicate and must be treated more gently. Two types of marks or stains can affect nubuk or suede leathers as follows:Surface marks such as surface dirt or scuff marks should be removed dry to avoid driving them into the leather. A special rough nubuk/suede sponge will remove most surface marks, and also keep up the nap if used regularly. For more stubborn marks, or shiny patches, a nubuk/suede abrasive block should be used, followed by the rough sponge.Penetrating marks such as liquid drips or grease marks should be removed with a damp cloth dipped in slightly soapy water. For really stubborn marks, a liquid soap such as washing up-liquid may be applied directly to the cloth. This should then be removed with clean water. After the marks have been removed, wipe both shoes all over to avoid colour differences. When dry, use a rough sponge to restore the nap.After cleaning by either method, re-coat the shoes with protector spray before wearing. Nubuk and suede are not colour fast materials, and some lightening, particularly of dark colours, may be expected with prolonged exposure to sunlight. This colour loss can be restored by use of a liquid "colour freshener" in a sponge applicator, which can also be used to disguise stubborn marks.Greasy, Oiled or Waxy LeathersTo maintain the appearance of these leathers, ordinary shoe creams or waxes should be avoided. For heavy greasy or waxy leathers, use of a waxed leather cream is regemended. For lighter oiled leathers and nubuks, nubuk oil should be used.Patent, Metallic, and Pearlised FinishesThese finishes are produced by coating the leather with special materials, and their appearance will be spoiled if they are heavily rubbed or scuffed. Please take extra care when wearing shoes with these finishes. Patent Gloss spray should be used when cleaning - it produces excellent results, and also helps to protect against scuffing. Scuff marks may be touched in with metallic car paint, obtainable from car accessories shops. Do not use protector spray on these finishes!Specialised Products for Branded ShoesSome makes of shoes require special treatment. For instance, silicone tanned waterproof leather as used in Timberland boots requires special cleaning and treatment to maintain its waterproof qualities. Other makes offer special after care services. For instance, Church's, Grenson's and Loake's shoes can all be re-bottomed at the factory, resulting in a superior repair which will significantly extend the life of the shoes.

A Guide To Making Your Own Wiccan Altar

A Guide To Making Your Own Wiccan Altar
Alot of books and internet websites give you a list as long as your arm of things you need for your altar! But what do you really need?
Well firstly you must decide on what type of altar you want, there are many types and here are just a few -
Spell Altar (dedicated to a specific spell and keeping its energy alive)
God Altar (for the God in general)
Goddess Altar (for the Goddess in General)
An everyday balanced Altar (for spells, rituals, the God and Goddess)
An Altar for a specific God or Goddess
Spell Altar
The point of a spell altar is to have a small space dedicated to your spells. Its not an elaborate altar and is simply there for casting your spell and keeping its energy alve and potent until it had manifested. For this you will need:
Candles (votives,tea lights,dinner etc in the colour corresponding with your spell)
Holders (for your candles)
Incense (scent relevant to the spell)
Crystals (one or two relevant to the spell)
A Herb Mix (containing herbs relevant to the spell)
A small space to build your altar
God or Goddess Altar
The following items can be customised to any God or Goddess Altar If you are making your altar for a specific God/Goddess then you would make the crystals, statues, colours etc ones that are personal to them.
Here are some of the bits you can place on the altar -
God or Goddess Offering Herb Mix
Green Candles (God) Red or Pink (Goddess)
Incenseeg patchouli (God), rose (Goddess)
Staues of the God or Goddess
Crystalseg rose quartz (Goddess)
Wand (see my guide to making your own wand)
Athame (optinal on GodAltar)
Pictures of the God or Goddess (printed,cards,drawn etc)
Everyday Altar
This altar is your everyday altar for meditation, visualisation, giving thanks, changing the season etc. Nothing is set in stone with any of these altars but here is a list of items you ideally would have on your altar. They don't need to be expensive, you can even hand make them yourself.
Candles (to represent the God and Goddess) (fire)
Salt Bowl (earth)
Water Bowl (water)
Incense (air)
Offering Herb Mix
Crystals (for God and Goddess, protection etc)
Cauldron (these can be expensive so could be replaced with a fireproof dish that would normally be used for loose incense)
Wand (can be purchased or for a special connection make your own)
Athame (These too can be expensive, some witches dont have one at all and use their finger is rituals to point with, others have wooden ones, some people even use a letter opener)
Chalice (again can be purchased, made yourself, a plain glass or goblet, or you may even pick up a well loved silver one in a charity shop)
Statue or Picture of the God and Goddess (their are some lovely cards available or you can print or draw one)
These are basic things needed on your altar but of course you can customise or add as much as you want to it :-)
I hope you find this guide useful - If you would like to contact me please do through my shop
Goddess Enchantments





Anyone thinking of buying a Title - BEWARE

there are a few sellers out there still selling fake titles. they do not sell british titles so all is well. What they do not tell you is to actually use a non british title in Britain you would need a royal warrant - so this is still a worthless piece of paper to you. I'd suggest that anyone thinking of buying these rip offs first check out this site: I know what i am talking about, i am one of the people who have been ripped off by these con artists - dont let yourselves be the next!

Custom Guitar Picks!

Imagine getting picks printed with your band logo or name on! Now imagine getting picks printed with a full colour photo of your band, yourself or loved ones and a message like your band name or web address!That's what we do at can put ANY image on a pick in full colour and the image will not rub off so you CAN use them to play the guitar! Simply email us your image(s) and desired text and we will do the rest. We even provide a full professional graphical manipulation service at no extra cost!You can see some examples of our work at our Bebo page at:

Calla Lily Tuber Cultivation Guide

Calla Lily Tuber Cultivation Guide
Unpack the tuber and let it sit in a dry, frost free, well ventilated area for a few days. This allows it to dry and harden prior to planting.
The tuber will have developing shoots or growth tips on its top and is round on the bottom.
Plant tuber 2 deep with the developing shoots pointing upward using a good quality, free draining multi-purpose gepost. One tuber to an 11/2 litre pot is adequate at this stage. Two or more tubers may be planted in a larger pot. Water in to settle tuber.
Place pot in a warm, bright place. A windowsill, conservatory or heated greenhouse is ideal. The tuber must be kept frost free.
Keep the gepost barley moist until growth begins, then keep the gepost moist, but not waterlogged.
Your calla may be planted outside once the danger of frost has passed.
They can be grown in garden borders or larger pots on the patio. A damp place in full sun is ideal. Mulching around the plant will help conserve moisture.
Water frequently and fertilize weekly, tomato food or miracle grow is ideal.
After flowering, continue caring for the plant in regards to water and fertilizer. This will encourage the tuber to build up energy for next years flowers.
When the foliage begins to die down and shortly before the first frosts are expected, move the plant to a dry, frost free place and store over winter. Replant the following spring.

pcfcomputerspcs fools his customers, heres why.

hi, i have been looking throught pcfgeputerspcs auctions and have found something quite alarming. he sells geputers with amd athlon x2 4000 es in them (which are rated at 2.1ghz per core or 4.2ghz in total) and he rates them at 8ghz and calls it an 'intel equvilent', which is total rubbish because everyone knows that amds run slower than intels at the same clock basically he is fooling his customers into buying a 4.2ghz processor, making them think its 8ghz (and its working by the way). in his feedback some people have caught on but he uses his 'intel equilivent' excuse and they buy it

Finding Wholesalers

When you have sold everything in your house that isn't nailed down and your considering e baying for a profit you need to find a wholesaler that is reputable and products you can make a profit on and as i have found this isn't straight forward as it seems. So here is a guide on tips for finding wholesalers.

Wholesale on the internet
Typing wholesalers into an internet search engine will bring up lots of sites many stating that they have a list for the best wholesalers around but the catch is you have to pay to join either a monthly fee or a one off payment for lifetime membership they will only let you have limited access to the site until you pay up so until you join you have no idea what wholelsalers are available and if they sell the product you want.
I have paid to join one such site four months ago and have yet to buy anything wholesale the reasons being most wholesalers have a minimum order of about 250 and some of the wholesalers will NOT sell to e bayers and some of the wholesalers are pricey.
One free site that doesn't charge a fee to view is has many wholesalers covering different areas but again with minimum orders and some that won't sell to e bayers. Definetley worth a look.
Wholesale on okay
In the Buy section of okay there is a section for joblots which is the perfect place to look for wholesale as some wholesalers do sell through okay as well as other okayers and there are also people selling information on where to buy wholesale.
Firstly buying joblots on okay is a good way if you only have a small budget and you can find most thing being sold as joblots on, so a good place to start and if anything goes wrong you have okays dipute service to fall back on.
ALWAYSbe cautious of designer goods that people are selling, you can make a good profit from selling designer clothes but beware of fakes and there are many. Things to look out for, where are the items geing from? you see many from China which counterfits most designer names and quite well sometimes, if the seller states that items are geing from his suppliers and will take two weeks to arrive which suggests from another country. If you do decided to bid on something always email the seller first asking where the items gee from and and can they prove the authenticity of the item, there are manyguides on okay on how to spot genuine and fake items.
Secondly buying information from other okayers about wholesalers and there are many, i have bought one such list which gave me a list of websites that i could have found myself by searching the internet, many of these people have subscribed to wholesale site and are selling the information on.
Always do your research before buying a large quatity of items you can find out on okay how much items are selling for by doing an advanced search.

Levi's 516 Blue Jeans

I love Levis 516 jeans. The fit and denim are unlike anything you'll get elsewhere. When you find something close in another brand or style, seriously consider them.
If you're buying used or 'pre-owned', first and most important use your eyes. The best arean arctic blue with pronounced fade lines around the crotch and knee area.Tight fit at the top withan obvious flare from the knee down.
Be dubious of 'new'. It's possible but worth thinking twice about.
Expect wear, damage- they're second-hand. It doesn't mean they're sub-standard, it enhances the look of this product.

Intel Quad Core

gepared with the already not-too-shabby Intel Core 2 Duo/Extreme, the Core 2 Quadro can give performance a mighty tweak - but only for specific applications. In the best-case scenario, performance can even be doubled. However, this depends on the particular program. Software makers have yet to initiate the needed optimizations for multiple physical CPU units. The table below lists a hodgepodge of applications that benefit from four cores right away.
The future belongs to HD content. If we take our benchmarks into consideration you can no longer get by without a quad-core processor. Test results with the software packages Main Concept with H.264 encoding and the WMV-HD conversion make this very clear. We noticed performance jumps of up to 80% when gepared to the Core 2 Duo at the same clock speed (2.66 GHz). A Core 2 Quadro at 2.66 GHz and higher is the answer for HD video (editing and rendering) at full HD resolution (1920x1080).
Ambitious video geeks will want to have four cores or even more. But that's still a way off, even as the developers of both AMD and Intel are working on it.
Gaming fans, however, can confidently stick with the Core 2 Duo/Extreme or the legendary Pentium D 805. That's due to a lack of adaptations for four CPUs - in practice, only a maximum of two processors are used in games.
Overclocking fetishists can rest assured. Our test samples ran reliably at 3.33 GHz with no voltage increase - including a sound boost in performance.
With a maximum system power draw of 260 W, the power consumption of the Core 2 Quadro system levels out in the same league as a Pentium EE 965. In idle mode, the system required 167 W - this is the same amount of power that a Core 2 Extreme demands at full load. The reason for this likely lies with ingeplete implementation of Intel's SpeedStep technology at this stage. In terms of geputing performance, the Core 2 Quadro is worlds apart gepared to the classic Pentium 4/D processors: It performs more than twice as fast than the Pentium EE 965, but requires less power input. A Core 2 Quadro does get hotter than a Core 2 Duo/Extreme, though.
Intel intends to offer the top-of-the-line version of the Core 2 Quadro for about $1,000. The customer will bring home a quad-core 2.66 GHz processor with 8 MB of L2 cache.

Cheap Photo Tent - Do It Yourself Table top Light box

Displaying your products on okay is probably one of the most vital aspects of selling that is often ignored or done so unprofessionally as to hinder rather than aid selling.
It's easy to spend large sums investing in expensive photographic accessories - easy - but totally unnecessary. The Celtic Winner guide to making your own tabletop "Photo Tunnel" will give you first class photos for a very low cost. This Do it Yourself Photo Tunnel can be made to any size you choose to best suite the products you sell on a regular basis. The cost including lighting is around 30 Euro. All purchases were made in Ireland at large DIY style stores.
Please scroll to end of page and Vote!
The first thing is the material list and tools required. Feel free to adjust the measurements/materials to suit your own needs.

The Materials

Wooden Base 14"x 18"x 3/4" MDF
White Sheet 28"x 30"
12 Drawing Pins/Thumb Tacks
2 Lengths Plastic Round Tube 1/4" x 40"
Scissors or Stanley knife

Panasonic DMR-EZ47V VHS/DVD Recorder Combi

Fantastic product. Excellent quality recording which is so easy to use, unlike the first DVD recorders brought out. Enables old VHS to be converted to high quality DVDs and is HD gepatible. It is worth shopping around though as the price seems to range from just over 200 to 300. Good stylish appearance too.

when the water level drops, the price drops as well ?

Have you ever considered what may happen to all those cars, who`s owners managedto findfilled to the head rests andfour feet under water during the 2007/08 floods !!
read on !!
its a well known fact that those vehicles wont get scrapped , why ? well because it would mean that the insurance gepanies that we pay our premiums to , would have to lose mega mega mega money , rather than just mega money lol.
so , innevitably those vehicles will find themselves back on the open road within a few months,
Put it this way !!...would you want to buy a car that was submerged under 4 feet of water for an average ofanything between9 to 17 days ? !! ...."me niether"
so how can we tell ?
1: water marks will be evident on the vehicle somewhere ,and will take the form of a long thin siltline that clings to everything , lets face it these lines arent usually present on a car ?
2: the seats will be sopping wet and more likely dried using a hairdryer or artificial heater of some sort, thus ensuring the fabric will tear prematurely, you will also find them prepared to offer a couple of their best towels to keep your bum dry on the way home ( awwww bless em yeh right )
3: the car will smell and feel damp , always and forever more
4: the engine bay will look as though it was power washed , however all the nooks and crannies will still bear that salty white silt mark, this can be a good indication of just how high the water rose.
5: in fairness as long as the engine was not started , and the water drained from the airbox, there is no reason why this car wont run after being allowed to dry off for a few days , however , it will soon be a rot box !!
6:on relatively modern carsindicators seals will notprevail , ( they are not designed for underwater usage ) and so willhold the water outuntill it drains away, this will alsoleave a water line ,....which will permanently discolour the route it took while draining ,and the bulbs themselves will be a bitch to remove due to the onset of prematurerusting of their housing and bulb shaft,
7: usually theindicatorswill reveal a green mildew around the lower edges of the lenses ,
8: the brake discs will display severe rustingthough not ungemon on a vehicle that has been left for a long period of time , ...the difference is quite alarming ,...( check them if they are bright red and you suspect water damage then try somewhere else to see if the water line is evident and supports your suspicions)
9: does everything sound hollow ? if so thats because the rain water that was washing through the car was also washing through the bearings , bushes , hinges, joints, dashboard, heater , name it and it got washed ,
10: unlike the engine itself , which is more than capable of running under wateron the conditionthe air filter remains unobstructed ,..( though not a good idea ) and if the engine was not running then in all probability , its just an engine flush , new oil , new fuses, clean it dry it , and flog it for excactly the same price as the book sez , .....even though they would of picked the vehicle up for a 3rd of its value , maybe even less , a second hand 12000 / 12000 mile1 year old car begees a 4000/ 12000 milecar and could easily fetch 10000 ina "genuine reason for sale ad" eg: it will appear inmint condition, and could be justified !! if for example the seller has had all the ancillaries re greased and lubed , all the rubber bits reinstalled and ensured things weren't going to chemical weld themselves in place ( another prime indication of submerged wheels and hubs is the wheel nuts or bolts tend to sheer off when you change a flat tyre or replace the daps !!"
however!! a mondeo that has acheived only 7000 miles , looks just as clean, has a few water marks , and an excuse or two regarding the wet seats and the serious condensation on the rear window, is a definate give away !!
the best excuse is "my dad left the window open " or its very wet where we live !! (how sad does that sound huh ) if they cant explain why it is that the car has only done 7000 miles in 1 year and is going for less than the average norm gebined with the tell tale signs above, then maybe its a floody wet one.

i hope this has made you guys and girls lads and lasses realize that , although it looks pristine , does not mean it is , and like i suggested earlier in this ( wow soon to be a floody novel at this rate )
you will end up forking out for loadsa bits later on , eg the exhaust will rot from the inside out , as they invariably do anyway, however after being under water for a fortnightthey tend to rot very very quicklywhen they end up blowing they will more likely need new hangers ,and boxes throughout , eg: front box , mid , and rear , not to mention your precious catalytic converter ,
imagine a whole exhaust system on an old 1992 bmw 318i e30 cabriolet ?
scary thought , well i will inform you of how much that has cost me , after ive managed to locate one cheap enough ,
but as it stands i have been a martyr for the nation , alongside so many other unsuspecting brits who have fallen foul not only to our harsh winters , but also our sad sad non moralistic fellow persons who yet again feel that our misery is for their monopoly

drive safely and , remember there are loads and loads of cars out there ,.....and if you at least wait to see the other one tommorow ..............then at least you may get the choice to live another day , rather than buying the first good looking ( slightly suspect runaround you gee across )
cheers .......steve.