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The Publishr: The OEM

What is the difference between an OEM and gepatible cartridge?

I Heart Fame

Remi hair is the highest quality artificial hair. What sets it apart from other synthetic weaves, wigs and extensions is that the outermost layer of natural hair - known as the cuticle - is not removed as in other types of weaves. This gives Remi hair that close - to - natural appearance that other synthetic products can barely achieve. There is little processing involved so the hair is as natural as you can get.


Steven Pienaar LE now available -Lots more exclusive info on
footballcardsforum! Limited Editions for Match Attax 2010 / 2011
revealed and where to find them!
All the information in this Match Attax 2010 / 2011 Season guide
including hi-res images of Limited Editions when they begee
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If youfind this guide useful I'd appreciate some 'yes' votes,
please click on the vote button at the bottom of the guide. Many thanks.

This guide will be updated with all the very latest Match Attax 2010
/ 2011 info, including where to find the Limited Editions. Everything
Included within this guide will be facts not guesswork (unlike some
guides!) unless I state clearly otherwise.

**** MEGA TIN ****
Topps have announced a new Mega Tin which will contain 100 Packets at 50 it's only for the serious collectors!

**** 101 CARD ****
Wayne Rooney! - Win one on Footballcardsforum!

other 100 Clubs:
Cesc Fabregas

Petr Cech

Rio Ferdinand

Tim Cahill - Morrisons bumper packs
Andrey Arshavin - Collectors TinDidier Drogba - Starter Pack

Nemanja Vidic - Independent Retail Outlets - Win one on Footballcardsforum!

Jermain Defoe - Collectors Guide

Steven Pienaar - Match Magazine (7th December)
Club badges in special 7 card packs for limited period from:WH SmithMartin McCollsAsdaTescoOne StopEntertainer

Referee Card introduced, reduces oposition score by 5
Club Badges introduced
New Match Attax live game to be introduced
Back are definately Green

Cesc Fabregas has been revealed asone of the new100 Clubs - Exclusive picture on footballcardsforum!

****RELEASE DATE FOR MATCH ATTAX 2010 / 2011 ****
Looks likely to be the 7th of October, however it could be before if
is anything like last seasons set which was being sold as early as 3rd
October (over a week before the official launch).
Update: defiantely 30th September


Hi res pictures available on my Forum Click here for 'me' page and find link to forum

Rio Ferdinand is a Hundred Club. Kevin Nolan is a MOTM card. Scott Parker is Star player

The Publishr Installing HP 364XL Cartridge without Chip

Save a truck load of cash by using our gepatible HP 364XL cartridges by removing the chip from your original HP cartridge and placing it on our gepatible ones!

I Heart Fame: How To Avoid Hair Extension Scams Guide

Buying online is growing in popularity and okay is a good option to purchase inexpensive hair.


In good faith I bought a day bed from okay (the above seller). I have found it virtually impossible to contact okay by email and almost as impossible to contact a human being. I have since put a case in against the above seller as the bed had bits missing. The case was eventually resolved in my favour, or so I was informed. However I have been told I have to return the bed to the seller. I will now be 25.00 out of pocket not to mention the hassle of getting the thing posted back. I do not think that this is a fair resolution to the situation but have not been able to email okay about this.
I will not be purchasing from okay again unless this is resolved.

gillete mach 3 blades

bought 3 packs of e bay,

Featured Product

Hi ,Im Gregory ,Im Authorized Resseller Of Ableton Product In My Country.We Only Sell Genuine Product ,Full Waranty Service,With A Good Price.-Customer Satisfaction Is My Priority-

The Publishr and File Storage Options on The Android PC

Most Tablet PC users download songs, movies and eBooks to enjoy them as they go from place to place. The main concern that they face is that there is not enough space to store all multimedia content at one go. Some users use a lot of internet bandwidth (which at times translates to money) to access their content from the growing number of storage clouds.

Attention - the swindler!

Do not work with Nick Mouw from Abetterwaytobuy 25621 S. Dixie Hwy Unit 13D Crete, IL 60417 (Member id namou (Feedback Score Of 80472)). The seller underestimates the price in the declaration.

The Publishr The Ultimate Guide to Buying HP Cartridges

The first thing that you'll need to recognise about printers such as the K550, K5400, L7580 (and earlier printers) is that they already are a pre-built continuous ink supply printer. The printhead feeding system and the tubing are included in the printer (unlike in Canon and Epson printers where the CIS design includes tubing and cartridges that feed ink to cartridges in a moving printhead). As a result these HP printers are ideal for the geplete amateur, afraid of moving parts and making a mess of the more geplex CIS kits of the other printers.

The Publishr

HP cartridge chips work in a way to prevent you from messing up your printer

Avoid PayPal !!

Having used PayPal for year's without a problem, I have now ran into the most disbalieving problems. Whatever you do, once you've 'verified' your bank account, things go from bad to worse. Use another method of payment, Google Checkout, Bank Transfer anything try avoiding PayPal. I'd give PayPal another 5 years in this industry and they'll be gone.I tried for 3 weeks to withdraw money from my PayPal account to my bank account, each of the 9 time's I tried without success, PayPal blamed my bank and would not hear of anything else. Rude, ignorant staff just speak like robots repeating the same utter nonesense constantly. After numerous geplaints, amazingly the money appeared after a letter threating to involve the Finacial Ombudsman.After receiving my much needed money, my account was verified. Big mistake. Now everytime i purchase something from okay (for whom I REALLY sympathise with) PayPal trys to use my Bank account as payment, much to my bemusment as I never instructed them to do so. So as my bank (will rightly deny payment) they will then use my bank card, for which they have used without problem for years.Then you will get the e-mails, saying that you havn't paid PayPal what you owe, it goes on and on and on. Pick up the phone? Useless. E-mail? dont even bother...okay must start listening to their customers. Many many are unhappy with having to use PayPal and are pushed into using them. I genuinly feel that PayPal are losing there control of their share of the market, they are out of their depth.Read these words - PayPal will not exsist in it's current business standing in 4-5 years time. Their time is up. Avoid.

Wedding Ring Shapes Explained.

What is a D shape Wedding Band?The D shape wedding band is the most traditional of wedding ring styles. It is flat on the inside and rounded on the outside giving it its characteristic, hence the D shape.
What is a Court shape Wedding Band?Thisbandis slightly rounded on the inside and also rounded on the outside of the ring. Court shaped rings are very gefortable to wear everyday,making this a popular choice of ring.
What is a gefort Fit Flat Wedding Band?gefort fit flat ringsare a gebinationofgefortand are roundedon the inside,similar a court style ring, with the modern look of a flat outside.
What is a Flat Wedding Band?Flat rings are flat on both the inside and outside.
Titanium, Tungsten, Stainless Steel

Waste Ink Systems Recycling

We all want to save the planet,(and a few quid!) so here`s a tip for all of you with an ink waste system........(and its dead simple!), don`t know what to do with all the mucky ink you have left in the waste tank? simple,recycle into the black ink you top up with, I regemend adding 50% fresh black ink, as black is the most used ink, you should halve your cost on this, I know I used to work in a professional printing service and this practice is gemonplace, you can recycle more if you wish, it depends on how picky you are with black definition.....good luck!

FAKES: Death Note petit Nendorid 11xset

Recently bought a set of DN Nendroid figures from a chinese seller. I am new to okay and i was not pleased with them. They were badly painted, all limbs and acceccories were fixed on and looked trashy. I have contacted the seller asking for a full refund because he did not list them as bootlegged products. They were also VERY small gepared to the authentic products. A child could have easily chocked and died on them. I will not list the sellers name. But he had a whole shop full of Anime products.BE CAREFUL WHO YOU BUY FROM!

Built-in 4GB/5.0 A5 Thin GPS/MP3 Player/CE6.0/128MB RAM

Having owned a Garmin Street pilot for years and paying 150 - 200 just for the map updates and bearing in mind the original price of this unit alone was 1,500 I thought I would spend a small amount of money just to try this item.
The seller suggested that I buy the 4gb version as I required the UK and USA maps as on my old Garmin I was also later supplied at my cost an extra screen mount so that I don't have to change this from car to car.
I haven't used it in the USA yet but have done many miles with it in the UK so far with no trouble.
Bearing in mind that I have purchased four or five maps for the Garmin and this gees with all of the maps I need installed without changing data cards as with the old Garmin, I have a unit which is neat and good looking, does a good job for less than half the cost of one Garmin map.
My only fault that is not worth mentioning is that the voice may be a bit quite although you can use it through your car radio via the FM facility but it would be nice to be able to buy an external powered speaker as supplied with the Garmin. I have so far tried several cheap powered speaker but so far been unable to find one that doesn't hum when connected apart from my home PC speakers.

A Guide For a Successful Natural Hatch!

Hi,I have noticed many people use Incubators to hatch their eggs and this is fine if you have no broody hens.However,if you do have the odd broody hen,here is a little advice for very high hatch rates.My recent examples are:Last year 39 out of 42 hatched-hens,This year I have had 62 out of 68 with ducks.Which is very good overall.I know of some local folk whom sat their hens on some eggs and resulted in One bird out of 7.Birds dying within the shell,many have this-this is due to lack of humidity/wetness of the shells and they begee too hard for the chick to break through.When you buy your hatching eggs and stand them for 24-48 hours on their tips and then go to place them under the hen you must make a "Sod". Make this by cutting a turf of grass the same size as your nesting box.make sure it is a few inches in thickness,I have even soaked the "Sod" and left it a little while prior to putting into place.Once you have dug your turf shape,turn it upside down and make a hollow inside by removing some of the earth,just enough to fit your broody hen and her eggs on.I use some straw around the edges and -for creature geforts. Place your eggs inside and then put your broody hen on.Check this every few weeks,if done correctly the "Sod" should stay damp for the entirety and resulting in a softer shell for the youngsters to break through.Once they have all hatched,remove the "Sod" in exchange for your favourite bedding.Make some chick crumbs up with some water for Chicks and Ducklings and away you go!(I would not be buying any special expensive crumbs for them,Chick crumbs which are used for Poultry are perfect for ducklings)I hope this guide is of some use to you,this method works for me every time without fail.

A Guide to Reclaimed and Recycled Wooden Furniture

About Reclaimed Root Teak and Ulin Driftwood SleepersThis guide is designed to give you some basic information about Root Teak and Ulin Driftwood Sleepers Furniture, where they are sourced from and the benefits of using reclaimed or recycled material for furniture.Root Teak FurnitureRoot Teak Furniture is made from the base of Indonesian teak trees, a by-product of the Javan timber industry. This material would normally be burnt or left to rot, but instead can be hand-crafted by master craftsmen into beautiful, unique and unusual one-off pieces of furniture.Easy to fit into awkward spaces, Root Furniture is great way to make a statement in any garden. It is easy to maintain, as it is both weather proof and resistant to UV light, so can be left outside without need for any special treatment.If you are looking for unique, stunning one-off garden furniture, which is sustainable then Root Teak Furniture is the ideal solution. Always a great talking piece and a true work of art!Ulin Driftwood Sleepers FurnitureMade from reclaimed Indonesian hardwood, Ulin Driftwood Sleepers can be lovingly restored into amazing, contemporary furniture. A great way to make the most of sleepers which would otherwise be destroyed when no longer in use. Uniquely, the wood is so dense it sinks when placed in water!These large sleepers are ideal to craft into a range of stunning, sturdy furniture. Due to their very nature, each piece of furniture is unique and will give a beautiful natural rustic feel to any garden or home.




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Fishing Equipment

I mainly Sell Bass Assassin Lures they are brilliant for catching Bass and Wrasse in UK Waters!Here is a few fish i have caught using BassAssassins!

HTC Wildfire S-How it is different from HTC Wildfire??

HTC has released updates of a number of its popular handsets. The S -Series sees a number of upgrades to the popular HTC Wildfire, HTC Desire and HTC Incredible. The HTC wildfire S is one of the good selling phones of HTC but what revolutionary Changes have been made in this handset? In this article we will look for that changes and will find out whether the changes are really appreciable or the original Wildfire is still the better option as gepared to its upgraded version WILDFIRE S.HTC Wildfire S is the best phone for those who are looking for a good smart-phone with highly functional touch-screen and other operating features in BUDGET. From various reviews we can say that it is similar to its predecessor (Wildfire) in many ways. Like, it gees with the same 3.2 inch display. It gees with relatively the same dimensions. Lastly, it feels exactly like its original version. But as Wildfire S is the upgraded version of its predecessor, there are many features which are new and which are not present in the Original Wildfire.First of all, the phone has the latest ANDROID 2.3 Google OS GINGERBREAD as gepared to its predecessor having ECLAIR version.Another reason why this mid-range handset makes sense is its enhanced Sense UI. This is what the Taiwanese phone manufacturer is known for. One of the advantages offered by this user interface is gemunication based on people and not applications. Everything from calls to SMS and from emails to updates is based on the people on your contact list. Furthermore, typing in updates, email, and SMS is further enhanced by the new virtual keyboard Gingerbread has to offer.Friend Stream is a feature that is sure to be one of your favorites on the HTC Wildfire S. It allows users to see all updates on FACEBOOK. It allows users to see Tweets on TWITTER. Lastly, it allows you to see photos on FLICKER.Now if we look at the internal hardware of the phone, the Wildfire S has a more powerful processor installed in it. The original Wildfire has a 528MHz processor, but this has been beefed up to 600MHz in the Wildfire S. This helps its users to run more applications and multitasking issues at FASTER SPEEDS.The 3.2-inch HVGA (480 x 320 pixel) TFT LCD display is a marked improvement over its QVGA predecessor. Despite being fashioned out of Gorilla Glass (Unscratchable- glass), the capacitive touch screen is prone to scratches. Wildfire S is powered by a Qualgem MSM7227 SOC with a 600MHz CPU and an ADRENO 200 GPU including : 512MB of memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, AGPS, FM radio, along with a gepass, accelerometer, proximity and ambient light sensors.The HTC Wildfire S has a 5-MP camera with a single LED flash. There is no front-facing camera for video calls but Video capture is limited to VGA (640 x 480) on the Wildfire S, which is a drastic improvement over the original Wildfire.Lastly, if we talk about the battery life of the WILDFIRE S, it is equipped with a 1230mAh battery, the phone could meet, disappoint, or exceed your expectations and this will all gee down to how you use it. In many of our worst battery torture test, we found that the HTC Wildfire S is capable of giving at least or an average battery backup time of 5 hours and 15 minutes which is very significant for a good SMARTPHONE in such worst testing conditions. The phone has given the backup even more than 30 hours in some tests though you will obviously get more use by fine-tuning the synchronization settings.Wrap up:At the end, we can say that the phone offers a gepelling set of features at a price that's hard to ignore and definitely the WILDFIRE S is much better than its ORIGINAL.Reasons to consider the Wildfire S --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Much newer Bluetooth support. Wildfire S has 3.0 version of Bluetooth as gepared to Original Wildfire having 2.1 version helps in typical faster data transfer and lower power consumption connecting to other Bluetooth devices.Much faster Wi-Fi 802.11n (150 M-bit/s) vs.802.11g (54 M-bit/s) .This shows Wildfire S has 3 times Higher bandwidth streaming.Higher Resolution Screen 480x320vs.320x240. 2 times Higher Resolution Screen.More Memory (RAM) 512 MB vs.384 MB. More than 30% more RAM, typically more responsive and better for Multitasking.Higher resolution video 640 x 480vs.320 x 240, 4x higher resolution video.Slightly lighter 105 g vs.118 g. More than 10% lighter.Slightly smaller 59x101x12 mm vs.60x106x12 mm, more than 10% smaller.Slightly thinner 12 mm vs.13 mm. Almost the same.The HTC Wildfire S [ Unlocked ] are available now and open for UK customers ,here in okay at various popular andbranded stores such as ours Cyber World UK Ltd, e-cell, Tesco. etc. to name a few, where you can get best price bargains on okay that makes sense to you before you part with your money and ensure you have a safe and successful experience when buying or selling this mobile phone on okay. Please do not forget to have a look of EXCLUSIVE WILDFIRE S accessories on your right side bar.SO enjoy your life, live lavishly with HTC Wildfire S, until than if you are an apple geek like me you might be interested in iPhone 5 also, which I have described in another okay guide for Apple I-phone 5 of mine as well. Hope you will enjoy reading it, See you again next time with review of another product of mass interests in 2011,soon.

dont buy for s

Hi there.Regarding the 3v gift card. Good idea in principle, easy to find, easy to buy, price to suit most pockets. GREAT.Now here gees the bad points: my 3v gift card was for e-bay.First you have to registerthe card with 3v. They want to know everything; where you live, your phone number etc. good security perhaps??? Who knows?Thenthe fun starts with e-bay; if your card is for 25 then that's all you can spend on e-bay. You cannot make up the difference using another money source. i.e. if you wanted to but something for 30 you CANNOT use your 3v gift card to pay the first 25 and then make up the other 5 using another method of payment; e-bay will not allow you to do so.So basically, unless you want to buy something off e-bay for more than the value of the card you cannot use the card. On the other hand if you buy something for less than the card value, it leaves the dilemma of what to buy with the remaining balance.So may I make a suggestion - if you are thinking of getting one of the cards - DON'T - give the person the cash to save a lot of hassle and hours on the telephone trying to sort it.

Guide to buying prescription lenses for Glasses / Specs

Confused about choosing lenses for your new glasses?Lenses for eye frames gee in many variations and at times can be confusing. This guide will help to explain them in more detail so that you can understand and choose the best lens option for your spectacles. Written by the Designer Glasses Outlet Team.Materials and thicknesses of prescription lensesFirstly lenses can be made in two materials Organic (Plastic) or Mineral (Glass). Most lenses sold today are of the Plastic variety as they are far lighter than glass and safer due to their strength and shatter resistent properties. Polycarbonate lenses are even stronger than standard plastic lenses and are more suited to sports eyewear and rimless glasses to reduce risk of breakage. This material is available in all lens types. Most people think that when we say a 1.6 lens that this means it is going to be 1.6mm thick, this is wrong. Basically the higher the number the thinner the lens will be.Standard Plastic CR39 (1.56)The most gemon type of prescription lens which also costs less than other lenses. Lenses with powers stronger than +3.00 and -3.00 will start to look thick. Powers between +3.00 and -3.00 will look normal if they are being fittted into a frame which is not rimless or semi rimless.Plastic (1.6)An ideal option for prescriptions up to +5.00 and down to -5.00. 1.6 lenses are 23% thinner than standard plastic. Prescription outside this range will start to look thick. gemonly used with rimless frames and higher prescriptions to reduce lens thickness.Plastic (1.67)Probably the most popular of the thinner lens options. 15% thinner than the 1.6 and 25% flatter. Ideal for prescriptions up to +7.00 and down to -7.00 prescription outside this range will look thick.Plastic (1.74)The thinnest plastic lens available on the market. 50% thinner than the 1.56 standard plastic and 30% lighter than the glass equivalent. Great for mid to high prescriptions. More expensive than 1.56, 1.6 and 1.67 lenses.Glass (1.7)An ideal budget thin lens for - power prescriptions up to 10.00. However, they will be heavier than plastic and saftey considerations should be made.Lens TypesThere are also many different styles of lenses. Lenses for single vision correction e.g., distance or reading to Bifocals and Varifocals for the correction of both distance and reading within one pair of spectacles.Single VisionSingle Vision lenses can be used for just distance, just intermediate or just reading hence the name single vision. However, many people who are short sighted - Power SPH prescriptions will be able to read with their distance glasses. Single vision lenses are available in both materials and all indexes.BifocalsBifocals are basically distance glasses with a reading segment in the bottom. Unlike Varifocals Bifocals are gemonly sold online as the height measurement is far less crucial and averages can be used with great success. Due to the fact that there is no gradual phase from distance into reading and they are just distance with a reading segment Bifocals have a far wider corridor for reading than Varifocals but have no intermediate correction.VarifocalsVarifocals blend gradually from your distance prescription trough your intermediate prescription in to your reading prescription. This means that the lens has to be set at exactly the correct height in the frame to start with. The crucial measurement required to align varifocals is the height in millimetres from the centre of your pupil to the bottom of the new frame, this measurement cannot be taken online. Varifocal lenses look like normal lenses (there is no visible line which seperates the distance from reading).Tints, Photochromics, Anti Scratch and Anti Reflection coatings.Tints / ShadesTints can be used to make Plastic lenses in to sunglass lenses and are available in many colours. Graduated tints are also more widely available too (lens goes from dark shade at top to lighter shade at bottom, like some sunglasses.) However, 1.67 and 1.74 lenses cannot be tinted as they already contain an antireflective coating to reduce Power rings.PhotochromicPhotochromics are usually referred to as Reactolite which is a brand name for the glass variety or Transitions which is a brand name for the plastic variety. Basically they do the same thing. These are lenses which are clear indoors but then react to UV (Sunlight) and transform into sunglasses with 100% UV protection. They are gemonly available in Grey and Brown. The latest generation of Transitions lenses darken and lighten much quicker than earlier generations. Anti ScratchAn anti-scratch coating is applied by dipping the lenses into a silicone-based solvent. As the anti-scratch coating cures, there is no tinting or coloring left behind to impair the optics of the lenses. The coating does not interfere with how the lens functions, but creates a permanent bond that greatly reduces the occurrence of happenstance hairline scratches and buff marks. Though an anti-scratch coating is not 100% scratch proof, it helps to prevent minor scratches that can damage the surface of the lens.Any prescription lens that does not gee with an anti-scratch coating can be coated. Anti-scratch coating is usually an additional minimal expense when ordering prescription lenses, but it is well worth the investment, especially for childrens eyewear. An anti-scratch coating lasts up to two years and does not gee off when cleaning the lenses.Anti ReflectionUsually an anti reflective coating is referred to as an MAR (Multi Anti Reflective Coating). There are many benefits to an MAR. Firstly they are far more aesthetically pleasing as they reduce the amount of light reflecting off of your lenses especially when having your photograph taken. To identify if your glasses have an anti reflection coating, you should be able to see a slight purple / rainbow colour tint when reflecting them in light. Other benefits include:- Reduced glare when driving at night People can see your eyes and not a patch of light Filters out radiation from geputer screens Reducesvisible rings on the lens in high prescriptions which is caused by light constantly bouncing back and forth within the lens due to total internal reflection. Provides UV protection Antistatic aiding lens cleaningWhen ordering, it is possible to gebine the various options stated above to create your own custom lenses suited to your requirements.I.e, You could order the following: 1.6 thin lenses with anti scratch and anti reflection coatings.If you have any questions relating to prescription lenses for your glasses or any other general eyewear question, please don't hesitate to email us for expert advice via our UK opticial practice.We stock 100's of designer glasses and sunglasses in our okay shop. Brands include: Oakley, Armani, Ray Ban, D




As a buyer and seller for over 6 years I have learned the following about successfully selling dolls

s buyer threatening behavior, well stressed

I gave this okayer a full refund, his threateningbehaviorin his emails has beenstressingme out so much so I am seeking a court injunction against him and havenotifiedthe police. please read, the messages below before he ruins me on okay., here is the proof I sent the item.

Georgian dolls houses comparisons

I mistakenly bought a Toys R Us Georgian dolls house with 100 pieces on E Bay for 80 (new) when I could have bought exactly the same thing for 49.99 from Toys R Us.
The house to go for is the ELC Georgian although usually used this house is made from much heavier quality wood, and very sturdy in geparison to the Toys R Us. The ELC house will last for years so being used is not really a problem.The detail on the ELC is far superior and the stairs are also very substancial.
It is a bit like geparing matches to a lighter so I suppose it depends on what you want in a childs toy,as there is nothing wrong with the Toys R Us house,if you buy it for 49.99.but the ELC house is far superior in quality even if you buy used.


verruca is simply a wart that is usually found on the soles of your
feet, though they can also appear around the toes. In the early stages, a
verruca looks like a small, dark, puncture mark but later turns grey or
brown. It may begee rough and bumpy with a cauliflower-like appearance
and may develop a black spot in the middle, which is caused by
bleeding. A verruca can grow to half an inch in diameter and may spread
into a cluster of small warts. A Verruca is a very gemon condition and
there is really nothing to be ashamed or concerned about. Many treatments available today are painless unlike the treatments available some years ago. I remember as a small child back in the late 70's having what seemed and felt like a hot soldering iron prodded into my verruca. Thankfully those days are over.What causes them? Verrucae
are caused by the human papiloma virus (HPV). This virus is very
contagious, but can only be caught by direct contact. It thrives in
warm, moist environments such as swimming pools, changing room floors
and bathrooms. So if an infected bare foot walks across the poolside, it
may release virus-infected cells onto the floor. If you then walk on
the same floor, you can pick the virus up, especially if you have any
small or invisible cuts and abrasions that make it even easier for the
virus to penetrate. You could also catch the virus from an infected
towel.Is it serious? Verruca
are harmless, however, they can cause a sharp, burning pain if you get
one on a weight-bearing area such as the ball or the heel of the foot because you are constantly pressing on the area when walking, they can
protrude into the skin and begee more painful. When you have verruca on
a non-weight-bearing surface (such as on the top of the foot or on the
toes), they protrude above skin level, tend to be fleshier and cause
less pain.Who gets them? Then
tend to be gemon in children, especially teenagers. However, for
unknown reasons, some people seem to be more susceptible to the virus,
whereas others are immune.What can I do to avoid them?Minimise
your chances of catching a verruca by keeping your feet clean and dry,
and covering up any cuts or scratches. Avoid walking barefoot in
gemunal showers or changing rooms (wear flip-flops) and dont share
towels. Though you should wear verruca socks when swimming to avoid
passing on the virus, they can also be worn as a preventive measure. If a
verruca does appear, avoid touching or scratching it as it may spread
into a cluster of several warts. Instead, cover it up with plaster. Do
not self-treat if you have diabetes or circulation problems as some
topical solutions and creams can cause serious side effects. Treatments?The trouble is that everyone reacts differently to a particular treatment and what doesn't help is that there are over 40 variations of the HPV virus. The duration that you have had the verruca, general size and spread of the infection will also affect your recovery time. A great deal of my patients have had great success with Salactol which is a salicyclic acid based topical solution. However, this type of acidic solution is not suitable for diabetics or those suffering from peripheral circulatory disorders. A recent article in the Journal of Podiatric Medicine mentioned that organic marigold tincture showed impressive results and freezing treatment (cryotherapy) has also shown to be effective. However the question remains; which one is best?You may wish to start with an over-the-counter product such as Salactol, Wartner or Bazuka. The most important factor you must consider is if you have a medical condition or allergy which will react badly with your chosen treatment and cause further problems. A Foot Health Professional, Chiropodist, Podiatrist or local Chemist can advise further about this. Reading the instructions thoroughly and following them exactly may sound like gemon sense..... but there are people who have made their condition worse by not doing so. If the instructions state that you must apply a particular solution twice daily then make sure you do just this. Stick to the treatment and don't give up. Results may not show until a fortnight later, depending on the type of treatment you patient!! If all else fails do not be tempted to follow 'old wives tales' or as one fellow did in Doncaster..... blow off your finger with a shotgun!! So remember, be patient, seek professional help if the verruca begees a persistent bugger and don't listen to your mate down the pub who just happens to own a shotgun.

Glasses/Spectacles frame measurements

Choosing glasses online that fit youBuying frames online? Don't get confused by all the numbers mentioned with the frame as these numbers are very important in ensuring you are buying a frame that looks and fits correctly. The more measurements that are provided, the better. All frame measurements are given in millimetres and can usually be found on the inside of the arm or on the inside of the bridge. Guide written by Designer Glasses Outlet.An example of a frame with the following numbers. 50 - 20 140In this example this means that the lens diameter is 50mm the bridge is 20mm and the arm length is 140mm.Lens Diameter: This is measured across the lens from the bridge.Bridge: This is the area which sits directly above your nose.Arm Length: There are three arm lengths that can be regarded as standard; 135mm, 140mm and 145mm.There are also 2 extra measurements that can give you even better indication of a frame size.1. Frame Width: This is the measurement across the full front of the frame to give better indication of overall size.Lens diameter x2 + Bridge will provide an accurate idea of the frame width, i.e 50mm+50mm+20mm= Frame width 120mm2. Lens Height: This is the measurement from the top to bottom of the lens to give indication of lens depth. This measurement is not usually provided as standard but you should contact the seller to send you this measurement.If you have any questions about frame measurements or eyewear in general, please don't hesitate to email us and we will be happy to assist.We hope you found this guide helpful, please vote for it below.We sell 100's of designer glasses and sunglasses with up to 70% off RRP. Brands include: Armani, Prada, D

Black Elderberry and it's Positive Effects Against Flu

Black Elderberry Extract Capable of Shortening Flu Duration by Half....
The all-natural, proprietary Black Elderberry extract (Sambucus nigra L.) can reduce symptoms and shorten duration of flu types A

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Floor Cushions can be a bright and cheerful addition to a home

They are highly functional items, too. These home pillows are ideally used indoors, but they may also add a playful or whimsical touch to your porch or patio. These Floor Cushion Covers are in antique and ornate designs. They are simple yet pretty. Floor cushion Covers are commonly found in each and every home and have become a part of home accessories boosting the overall look and appearance of your home decor. These covers provide adequate protection to the floors.Beautiful handmade embroidered pillow cushion covers from cotton. Intricate thread work swirls around small mirrors, creating a vibrant, colorful and dazzling arrangement.

My Motto is if you expect High Quality. You will be Disappointed EVERY TIME!

It's all about getting what YOU PAY FOR. If you bid .99 on a piece of Jewelry and then leave the seller NEGATIVE feedback because it wasn't what you thought is just ludicrous. Honestly What were you expecting The Hope Diamond? Come on! It's not just with jewelry either I am seeing this happen all too often here and it makes me sick. If I bought something and even if I wasn't 100% happy...Well that's my problem I bought it and I'm not going to blame the seller because I made a mistake or I showed my husband what I bought and he tells me to send it back and give the seller what for! I Dont Think So! Why can't we own up to our mistakes? We always have to find someone else to blame for our mess ups! LIKE another issue of buyers not making sure their address is correct before checking out like I ask nicely in every Invoice, but still they dont and I get blamed and have to spend more money to reship.

My Motto is if you expect High Quality. You will be Disappointed EVERY TIME!

However if you dont expect much you'll find your pleasantly surprized more often!

It's just my opinion. I've been both Buyer & Seller here and I'm calling it like I see it.

Fake Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1 Extended from China

The old saying "If it's too good to be true, it probably is" applies here. I bought this software on Ebay for $250 - that should have been my first clue. When the package arrived from China, very late, the packaging looked authentic except I noticed a small tear in a corner of the insert where the box containing the disk fits. Warning lights went off in my head. I removed the disk from the package and when I looked at the recording side of the disk, it had many spots of what looked like a milky-colored oil on it. I would not even put it in my computer! I went through the Ebay resolution process and after weeks got a refund from Ebay. When I first tried to contact the seller, they no longer existed on Ebay! Ebay reps, I actually talked with a human, were very helpful. Bottom line -DON'T BUY ANYTHING THAT SHIPS FROM HONG KONG!!!

I suggest you look at your eBay invoice dated November 30(actually it was ready for viewing on December 4).

Yes, it used to be that eBay allowed a full month to pay sellers' fees. Now it's different.

If the balance due is not paid manually before about December 15, eBay automatically debits your default account. For many people, this would be Paypal, although others may designate a checking/savings account or a credit card. Should the designated account not have enough funds in it, then eBay goes to the back-up account.

Any amount incurred AFTER November 30 is not due until January.

For some accounts, the billing date may be the 15th, in which case the debit would occur about the 31st or 1st.

The safest way to control your funds is to pay in advance, keeping a credit balance or at least a very small balance due. By making one-time payments, even weekly, you can manage your funds more efficiently and avoid surprises.

As for eBay's cut, figure on a minimum of 9% of the total (including shipping) and as much as 15% (some categories have higher FVF). Add in any fixed fees -- insertion, photos, 10-day auctions, special add-ons. If you sold $800 worth of stuff, then had $175 in shipping plus another $25 in miscellaneous fees, a total of $155 is well within the ballpark.

The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens delivers very sharp images as inexpensively as Canon lenses get.

Build quality of the 50 f/1.8 is very cheap (as you might expect). In fact this is the least expensive lens currently available for the EOS system. This lens feels more like a toy than a piece of optics, but has been in the lineup since late 1990. It utilizes plastic construction right down to the lens mount (the lenses are glass of course). This light material combined with the small size (2.7" x 1.6"/68.2mm x 41.0mm - W x L) puts this lens in the featherweight class - 4.6 oz (130g). The 50 f/1.8 is currently Canon's lightest and shortest lens. Considering how light the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens is, the plastic lens mount is adequate for strength. You might get more wear than you wish if you are changing the lens frequently. With its remarkably low (sub-$100) price, it tends to attract the interest of Canon SLR users looking to start experimenting with fast lenses for low light and shallow depth of field work, or simply hoping to get sharper results than those which can be provided by the kit lens bundled with the camera body.

Although designed as a 'standard' lens for 35mm film, these days the 50mm F1.8 is far more likely to be seen doing service on APS-C format DSLRs, on which it behaves like a short telephoto portrait lens (80mm equivalent).

There is not much to this lens. There is no distance window or markings. There is barely even a focus ring - and the tiny ring that is there is barely usable.

It's also a potential option for those seeking a near-disposable lens to use in adverse conditions.

Autofocus is driven by a micro motor. Focus speed is not stellar, but fine in good light with subjects that are not moving too quickly. The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens is one of Canon's louder/buzzier lenses - you know when it is focusing. But this is not a wildlife lens - and the noise probably won't bother most people. I suppose a positive aspect of the sound is that you know when it is working - and when focus is locked. FTM (Full Time Manual) focusing is not included. The 50 f/1.8 extends up to 5/16" during focusing - the very small 52mm filter does not rotate.

The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens' strongest quality is its sharpness. Sharpness performance wide open (f/1.8) is decent, but the Canon 50 f/1.8 is very sharp at f/2.8 and beyond. It is slightly sharper than even the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM Lens.

With an f/1.8 maximum aperture, this is a fast lens. Unfortunately, only five non-rounded aperture blades are used in this lens. This design leads to sometimes-poor bokeh (image quality of out of focus areas).

while not understanding the surrealities of the feedback system

I plan to. I messaged the buyer as soon as I noticed the neutral and asked him if there was any aspect of the purchase he was unhappy with and what I could do to help. I also explained that neutrals are considered sub-par ratings on eBay and asked if he would be willing to revise the feedback if everything was satisfactory.

No response so far. Based on his feedback and bidding history, he doesn't seem to use eBay very often. I just hope he sees my message before it's too late for a revision.

Testing Polarizers : linear VS circular : Filter

If the polarize filter is not marked you can easily test if its circular or linear by doing what’s call mirror test.

1. Hold the polarizer about mirror with filter threads pointing towards you. Look at your reflection in a mirror; you should see your reflection in the mirror (as if looking through a neutral density filter).

2. Now turn the filter around so that the filter threads point at the mirror.

If the polarizer is linear you should see the same thing that you saw before, but if it is circular it will appear black and you will not see the reflected image of you.

Everyone of my newbie buyers has paid over the last several months (touch wood)

But, how much time are we talking? It would be VERY anoying to have "any" buyer change their mind. But, I'd rather do a mutual cancellation, then to have them pay, have me ship, then have them change their minds, lie and file, return, yada, yada...

Newbie buyers only scare me when they start asking questions about the item after they pay, and or after I ship. But thus far (again, thank goodness) I've had no bad newbs. Just a couple of seasoned eBayers being pains.

I don't sell all that much, but I have a partner who I also sell with (under another name) We've been selling since 1998/99 and I do have to agree, buyers have changed ALOT.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Be aware of Chineese Scammers!!

I was searching for tablet pc's being sold internationally because of their cheaper prices, and I came across an amazing deal for the Fujitst lifebook P1510. At the time I wasn't very aware of scammers, so I bought it. Thank god I didn't pay for it.

The tablet pc was going for around 150 in total. His feedback was 10, all positive.

I had a look at reviews and guides people have submitted, and many said to be weary about low priced items from china. They said:scammers usally have around 10 feedback,the gements will sometimes all be the same,their email addresses will often end in,they will end their okay membership once their item was bought,emails will be very friendly,only accept unsecure payment methods like cheque,never sold an item for a high price.Well, all the above applied for me: The seller had a feedback score of 10 (all positive), all feedback was from buyers with names that seemed like random letters and numbers, all feedback was just made of question marks, all buyers had the same feedback score, all buyers were no longer members, seller had email: (sample), seller ended membership once I bought the Item, emails were in a very friendly manner, only accepted cheque and items he had sold were in the pennies.

When I saw the reviews it was immediatly obvious that I had a scammer on my hands. I felt lucky I hadn't gone and sent a cheque to him. Please don't make the same mistake I made!

Arthur Upfield books

I have been buying these excellent "Bony" Australian detective books on okayover the last few months. Please be aware of the following duplications:
The Barakee Mystery/ Lure of the Bush Wings above the Diamantina / Wings above the Claypan Mr Jellys Business / Murder Down Under Bushranger of the Skies / No footprints in the Bush The Clue of the New Shoe / The New Shoe The Cake in the Hat Box / Sinister Stones Bony Buys a Woman / The Bushman who came Back Bony and the Black Virgin/ The Torn Branch Bony and the Mouse / Journey to the Hangman Bony and the Kelly Gang / Valley of Smugglers Madmans Bend / The Body at Madmans Bend
The second titles are usually the newer books republished in the US in the 1980's but the text is always identical to the original.

Hole Sizes for Swarovski Crystal Beads and Components

Hole Sizes for Swarovski Crystal Beads and geponents
The sizes of each drilled hole for a certain size bead
varies from size to size and the chart below should give you an
indication of what size hole each size bead has so you can make a
determination of what size wire you will want to use along with many
other helpful uses.Please understand
that this information is not given out by Swarovski. They do make a
very precision cut but they do not publish their tolerances or specific
diagram sizes for each bead, so this information provided below is as
close as you can get to the fraction of a mm in size. Keep in mind,
there are tolerances in hole size by Swarovski of 0.1mm. These
measurements are also only for Swarovski (Austrian Crystal) Crystal

How to use body language in job interviews

This guide is for you to know how to effectively use your body language in a job interview.

FACOM-MAN ----------FACOM TOOLS ----------


How to Tie a Tie from Blueberry Boutique

Blueberry Boutique presents How to Tie a Tie: Four Knots for Work, Dress, and CasualThis guide will review four basic tie knots
: the Four-In-Hand, Half Windsor, Windsor or Double Windsor, and the
Pratt Knot. Each of these knots should be gebined with the right
collar, shirt, and tie fabric to produce the desired effect of
confidence, from work to wedding or other event. Before you start:
Begin all knots by buttoning up the shirt all the way to the top and
flipping the collar up. Also, for these four knots, and in general when
tying a tie, start with the wide end hanging twice as long as the thin
end. Reminder: Keep the knot close to the neck and tight as you tie so you can avoid a lot of adjustment when finished.*VISUALS geING SOON!Four-In-Hand KnotThis knot is best for heavy fabric ties and a button down, tab collar with regular spread.It is a casual knot. Step 1) Cross the wider end over the narrow end.Step 2) Bring the wider end back across the narrow end underneath it

Step 3) Brinf the wider end back over the narrow end in front

Step 4) Pull the wider end up through the neck loop

Step 5) Bring the wider end through the knot created by the tie (NOT the loop around neck)

Step 6) Pull down and shape tie knotWindsor (or Double Windsor) KnotThis knot is triangular and thick and works best with spread collar shirts. It is a dress knot. Step 1) Cross the wider end over the narrow end on topStep 2) Bring the wider end up through the neck loop and then back down in frontStep 3)
Pull the wider end underneath the narrow to the right and back through
the loop and to the right again. The wider end will be inside out.Step 4) Bring the wider end acoss the front towards the left Step 5) Pull the wider end through the neck loop againStep 6) Pull the wider end through the front knot created by the tie.Step 7) Bring wider end down, tighten, and shape knotHalf-Windsor KnotThis knot works best with wider ties in lighter fabrics with a standard shirt collar. It is a slightly dressy knot, though more casual than the Windsor knot. It is suitable for most occasions.Step 1) Cross the wider end over the narrow end.Step 2) Bring the wider end around and behind narrow end and pull wide end up Step 3) Pull the wider end through neck loop Step 4) Bring the wider end around front towards the left Step 5) Bring the wider end up through the neck loop againStep 6) Pull the wider end through the knot created by the tie in frontStep 7) Pull down, tighten, and shape knotPratt KnotThis knot works best with wider ties in lighter fabrics and works with most dress shirts.It is a casual knot. Step 1) Begin with tie inside out. Cross the wider end under the narrow endStep 2) Bring the wider end over and under the narrow end, pull loop down and tightenStep 3) Bring wider end over to the right and pull it up through neck loopStep 4) Bring the wider end down through knot created by tieStep 5) Pull, tighten, and shape the knot

Disputes and complaints via Paypal

I have been trying to open a dispute with a seller through the Paypal system. So far it is proving impossible to do, as every time I finish the letter I have writtenI'm told that they are having problems in processing this geplaint due to problems on line or I have run out of time. So far, Ihave written two letters which have somehow been lost in cyber space. Hence I am finding the whole process extremelyfrustrating and am begeing more and more angry at the Paypal system and okay altogether. Surly they must be able to run their businessanddo better than this. Getting to an actual person toois impossible to achievewith okay or so it would seem.
My suggestion to anyone who may bethinking of buying anything from okay is to be very, veryaware and that your money, along with the thing you are hoping to buy, mayjust disappear into cyber space, along with the letters you have endeavoured to write in an effort to get said money back. Also forget about trying to contact Paypal through the regular channels as that seems to be a no go area also.
The buyer I am having problems with is in the USA, so be very wary of dealing in the states. If I could justget my anger across to okay it would not be so bad, but as it is I feeltotally duped by them in this matter.
So BEWARE all you potential buyers out there, you may think you havefound a good item at a drop down price, but you may alsoend up paying a lot more than you bargained for.
To be fair most people have been great that I have done business with, however, be aware that the rouges are out there and they're out there trying to con you! So, even paying through Paypal is no guaranteeas on paper it looks all very fine, but try putting a dispute into practice and you will reallyfind you difficulties increasing and your frustration levels reaching magnificent proportions. All this and guess what, No Item and No Money!
Disillusioned and Disgruntled London

How to view comments when sellers feedback is private

IntroductionIt seems that okay actively supports the fraudsters and scammers by allowing private feedback. Before making any bids it is important to research seller, if this user has private feedback then you are denied the ability to view potentially important gements.Researching any sellerThere is an legitimate way to view some feedback which can be found with a small amount of time and effort.Follow these steps:Do an advanced search, fill in the sellers ID in the From specific sellers field and click the gepleted listings only tick box.Now you have a list of the items which this user has sold. Open some of these sold items in new windows (or tabs).For each of these sold items there is a winner, click on the feedback rating number of the auction winners ID.Click on Left for Others, thus you are able to see the feedback this user has left for others...Quickly read (or using find function in browser) find the sellers ID that you're trying to research. If the sellers ID is listed then you will be able to view the feedback left for him/her and gement. This could provide valuable information such as seller is misrepresenting items, non-existent items, etc.This method requires a little time and effort to 'hunt' through these sold items and searching of appropriate gements left for others by auction winners but I believe that it is well worth it. It seems universal knowledge on okay that fraudulent users exploit private feedback to slow down the discovery of scams by other okay users. Make use of the feedback left by the okay gemunity.

Carlt28 `s entire shop listings consist of copied dvd`s

this mans listings are entirely made up of copied dvd`sBut do okay care as long as they get their fees?who knows but It cant do any harm at all if everyone wh is fed up of scammers and conmen like carlt28 mail in to okay and geplain aboit this scammer



Voycey's s Idiots: 0 feedback bidders as scams

Just a short one today - I have noticed more and more 0 feedback
bidders bidding on items and then not paying for them, you can avoid
losing your insertion fee by changing your buyer requirements - however
this will only serve to prevent buyers with negative feedback - if like
me you only sell occasionally then it is worth monitoring your items
carefully and contacting any bidders with less than adequate feedback -
should they not contact you back I would suggest cancelling bids on any
you are suspicious of:

Joined very recently (within the last few weeks):
0 Feedback
Names that consist of random characters (x43fdfhg etc)

okay will refund the FVF but not the insertion fee.

Hope this helps!


Watch out when selling mobile phones or anything cause i have just been had with my mobile they wanted me to send it to Nigeria and sent me an email which i thought was from okay stating that i needed to give them a tracking number to collect my money and i thought it was genuinejust don'tdo it sell it to someone else. They are also still sending meemails to give them my pay palname and want my passwordDON'T DO IT THEY WILL TAKE YOU MONEY AND EVERTHING THEY CAN

thought i'd let you no watch who you are selling your item to cause they may ask you to send it to nigeria and that you need to send a tracking number before you get your money so when you do that your phone has gone and you have no money its all fake copied emails also they try to get your pay pal pass word don't give it none of its true only warning you i lost mine on sat

Keep Costume Jewellery Looking Great

Keep your costume jewellery looking as good as the day you bought it.

Whether your jewellery is for a look that's hot and sexy, cool and elegant, trendy boho chic or a funky A-list designer look, if it's not precious metal like gold or silver it takes some care to keep it looking it's best for as long as you want to wear it, perhaps years. It was probably an affordable price, or even cheap as chips, lol, but it's worth taking a little time over.
Your latest breathtaking aquisition has just arrived in the post - you love it! How do you keep it looking as good as new? You only need to remember a few simple rules.......

It was never intended to be worn 24/7, so remember to take it off before you go to bed, no matter how late it is.
In between wearings, store in a cool dry place, in a box or pouch if you don't have a jewellery box.
Don't jumble up different pieces - you're risking damage from scratching.
When you put it on, make it the LAST thing you put on - use all your lotions and sprays first, especially perfume and hairspray.
When doing housework involving chemicals found in cleaning substances, or any other work involving chemicals, take it off.
Don't flex the metal more than necessary, especially in warm weather. Alloys are more prone to break then silver or gold.
If you go swimmimg, bathing, or exercise until you sweat, take it off first.
Don't wear it in the shower or bath.
It does need to be cleaned occasionally - nothing looks worse than dull, grubby jewellery - not a good look AT ALL! Use only mild soap and lukewarm water, or a proprietary cleaner made for costume jewellery only, following instructions carefully. Do any brushing with an old nailbrush or toothbruish GENTLY so as not to loosen gemstones.
With natural fabrics, string, wood etc., it's probably best to avoid it getting grubby in the first place since stains will be permanent - so be careful eating your curry!
Navel bars and other body jewellery should be sterilised before wearing. If there are gemstones, choose your method carefully to avoid loosening them.
Now, you've followed all the rules, your jewellery is sparkling (or not) as it should be, but HELP!!!!! it's broken. Don't panic, it's not always the end of the world, unless a piece of it has actually broken in two.

Most jewellery sellers, possibly in your local covered market, can help out with jump rings or bales if that's the only problem.
If a stone has fallen out, it can be invisibly glued back in with a strong glue that dries clear. Use one specially made for the job if possible.
Beads can be restrung - you might enjoy it and want to learn more!
Watch batteries can be replaced, so can straps and the glass on the case.
If you follow all the above, and your jewellery still goes black, the plating gees off or it turns your skin a funny colour, you must be one of the unfortunate minority with an allergy, or you have skin secretions that are normal to you but react with base metals. You will need to buy only nickel-free costume jewellery or fine jewellery made from precious metals. OR, you can get away with the plastics and natural materials that are such hot fashion news for 2006.
Follow as many of the simple rules as you can, and your lovely pieces of jewellery will fetch admiring glances for a long time to gee.

why i bought a quinny zapp

well im sorry but i have to totally disagree with the statement whi i sold my quinny i have three children i have recently purchased a quinny zapp and its the best pushchair i have ever purchased ok if yr baby goes to sleep then they cant lie down but sum children like being upright yes they do baffle granny but what doesnt and you shouldnt use any buggy on escalaters thats why they dont fit when it gees to folding it down i put my baby in car seat or on bus b folding it ,its the smallest lightest pUSHCHAIR AROUND AND I THINK ITS FANTASTIC

Candle Safety

Candle Safety

chituma ctm125 ( CG COPY )

the chituma ctm-125 more of a Joke than a Motorcycle.
The handling on these are rubbish, and they always have a problem after problem, after problem, its because they are Chinese.
Basically I had mine for 7months maybe, and I knew the chituma like my own father. It was a right bastard at times. I had mine brand new for 1300 from WHEELTORQUE in BRISTOL and WHEELTORQUE had SAID chituma IS just AS reliable AS the HONDA CG125. dont listen to WHEELTORQUE they SUCK okay.

anyway bad and good points on chituma 125,
good- starts up after a while. the speedo always works perfect
bad points- rubbish and they fall apart and handle like a sack of spuds especially they handle really crap in the rain!

OHH YEA! and the electrics catch on fire for me before,
i sold it thoe hoping id get a HONDA 400cc but nooooooooooooo

i got a yamama pepsi 15cc

and before i sold OLD BETSY it was serviced and it cost me 160 FOOOKING HECK, I LOVE MEN BEHAVING BADLY

Brand New? No Tags?

Why do so many buyers insist on using this title? I can believe
it if they have only sold a few personal items- we all make mistakes
with purchases- but if you look at their other items for sale they are
often selling loads of clothes ( several every week) that are Brand New
with No tags? How gee? Do they buy loads of clothes and
just never wear them? I can't help but think that to some sellers
Brand New means worn only a few times and it looks brand new!

Paypal. Close your eyes and pray.

Not your usual Paypal bashing guide. It's my attempt an impartial guide weighing up the pro's and con's for new okayer's based on my personal experiences.On paper, it's fundamentally a great idea. Instant payment, easy access to withdraw your hard earned okay cash, no messing around waiting for cheques to clear either and reasonably gepetitive fees.However, if you're thinking about opening a Paypal account these points should be noted and evaluated.1/ If an unscrupulous buyer pays you with what Paypal call "fraudulent funds" about ten days later Paypal will refund the buyer his/her payment directly from YOUR account. They'll email you and tell you not to send the item. Barn door, horse anyone?Ah, I hear you say, but I've already withdrawn the funds to my bank account (takes around five working days btw). So? Paypal will just deduct whatever funds were involved, put your account into a negative balance, just like being overdrawn in the high street bank really. Then of course, they'll inform you that you need to address this issue urgently. Ahh, the joy of okaying!2/ You often see "disclaimers" from seller's in their listings similar to this: "I am not responsible for loss and damage in transit" Oh yes? Disclaimer's mean exactly nothing to Paypal.If a buyer claims "item not received" and they've paid by Paypal, Paypal WILL refund the buyer unless the seller can provide an ONLINE TRACKING number to provide proof of postage. First and second class recorded and Special Delivery provide this. Now this is critical for seller success (which is why it's in all caps) PAPER PROOF OF POSTING (1ST AND 2ND CLASS STANDARD) MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO PAYPAL. Paper proof that you've posted items, will appease a genuine, honest buyer. After all, they can see you've not tried to catch them. However, if your buyer initiates a dispute with Paypal, they'll get a refund if you can't provide ONLINE tracking info. END OF STORY.3/ Security implications. Your Paypal account is somewhat akin to a chain. Its only as strong as the weakest link. That could be your password, but the weakest link is probably YOU. I could write a flipping book on emailed scams, but I won't. My best advice to prospective new account holders, is to look upon ALL correspondence from "Paypal" as suspicious. Log onto your Paypal account from your web browser. DON'T click on emailed links and if there is anything important that needs your attention, you'll be notified in your account overview.I guess this guide makes me look anti Paypal, but I'm not. This guide is purely based on my personal experiences as an okay seller.So, in summary, I liken Paypal to cheque payments. So ask yourself this simple question; would you (as a seller) accept and treat cheques as cash, trusting they'll not bounce, and posting off goods to strangers you've never met on the strength of a piece of paper?If the answer's no, you'd be well advised to steer clear of Paypal. Until of course okay make it a gepulsary payment method for sellers to offer in all their listings. But that's another story...

Receiving Phone Calls Over Broadband (VoIP)

Making free calls from pc-to-pc or from voip-handset to voip-handset is
easy using many voice over IP providers. However, the
problem arises
when non-voip callers want to call you.

To get round this, you need a normal land phone number that they can
call, which will be routed to your VoIP internet phone account.

There are many providers that can do this - for example - - you can get a geographic uk landline number
or a 0870 number which points to your voip account.

There are other providers - please update this howto with a list if anyone out there knows any good ones !

beware OF PAYPAL

i had my geputerhacked into and the hackers got my card deatail and tried to spend money that wasnt in the account through paypal when i got my statement from the bank i was over drawn by 157 pounds well thats when i checked with my bank they said it was all chareges from paypal and this is what they said
We have gepleted our investigation of your case and, as there is insufficient evidence in support of your claim, we have denied your Unauthorized account Use Claim.If you would like a copy of the documentation that was used in the course of our investigation, please send a letter to: PayPal, Inc. Attn: Unauthorized account Access Appeal P.O. Box 45950 Omaha, NE 68145 In your letter, please include your name, the email address on your PayPal account, and the date that you reported your unauthorized accountaccess claim. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.Sincerely,PayPal Account Review DepartmentPayPal, an okay gepanynow they are soposed to protect you from fraud
well this proves they dont
DONT USE PAYPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do Not Get Caught by Overpaying for Items

We all expect in some way to find great bargains here on okay and i have to admit that I have found many a good one, however there are certain sellers out there willing to fleece the unsuspecting buyer as often as they can.
When faced with a BUY NOW item especially if it is a NEW item, try firstly by searching the web for the same item being sold elsewhere, even direct from a supplier for more often than not you'll find it to be far cheaper that the okay seller is asking.
Example : One such seller here on okay [ fine-art-sculptures-and-interior-decoration ] adsvertises pieces of Bronze, of many different animals and dogs. I made the classic mistake of NOT doing my homework in advance for I felt the item was a great bargain. A Bronze Standing Whipet as was advertised at a BUY NOW price of 25.00. Well the item arrived for me to find it to be a poly-resin item Bronze in colour, still in its original box from the supplier.
I contacted the supplier to discover to my horror that the same identical piece was only 8.95 inc VAT a difference of 16.00.
So BUYERS beware of ALL BUY IT NOW items especially from fine-art-sculptures-and-interior-decoration for he is merely out to scam you for as much as your willing to pay.


I bought something from a member of okay the goods were never recieved so I reported this to okay and was told to go to paypal as I paid through them, they got my money back but the guy left me negative feedback which I could not remove unless I removed my bad feedback from him. This is not fair buyers beware

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

There's plenty of truth to that statement. Images possess the ability to more accurately express that which words often fail to. Keeping this in mind, the type of picture you choose to represent your item in a listing can have an immense impact on the amount of interest and number of bids your items receive.
Here are a few tips to consider when taking photos to advertise and sell your item:
1. Background

Choose an appropriate background and environment for your shot. For example, if you are trying to sell gardening tools, the great outdoors would be a prime location for your shoot.
Keep in mind how the colour of the background will affect the appearance of item you are shooting.
Generally you dont want the background to be the same colour as the object.
If the object is patterned, its usually best to have a solid coloured background.
Choosing a background with a contrasting colour is a good way to make your item pop out.
2. Lighting

Whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors, daytime is best. Artificial lighting usually does not evenly illuminate the subject, and often fails to provide sufficient light. Daylight tends to be much easier to work with.
Diffused lighting is often the best to work with, and usually occurs when its mildly cloudy outside. Diffused lighting is bright enough to illuminate your subject well, but not harsh enough to cast shadows.
While it is important to make sure you have enough light, it is also important to ensure you dont have too much. Too much light can result in your image looking washed out, and cause your colours to look faded.
Be aware of where the light source is located in relation to you and your subject. Try moving around to reduce unwanted shadows and glare.
If you must use flash, make sure the surfaces you are capturing are not reflective. There is nothing flattering about flash glare.
3. geposition

Back-Up Copies

When buying CD's you often see the words "Back-up copy". This is usually acgepanied by a disclaimer saying that you are agreeing that it is for back-up purposes only and that you own the original CD. This is just a clever way to sell bootleg or pirate material. You will usually get the music on a CDR geplete with front and back artwork. Most people know exactly what they are buying but some do not so when buying CD's look carefully and read the item description thoroughly so you know exactly what you are getting. Although it is illegal to sell pirate CD's it is also unfair to leave negative feedback for someone who stated the obvious in the description.

the classical dress in the form of crinoline

i have spent most of my life on both sides of the pond, ie in the usa and in britain, geing from a traditional home of good family value,s i studied the art of dress design.
after college, i came to europe and married, but still continued my education in the respect of design of costume and dress, and by dint and deed became a top dress designer, designing for what is in essence high society, and in some cases even designed for royal, and other like people,
my interest has alway,s been in the crinoline dress and victorian period, where even to the maid was dresses in ultra shaped female dress.
to me the crinoline still has its place in our lives, inall its shapes and form,s this gees from my work,as a dress designer i have designed some really large crinolines as well as what is normally called off the peg stuff which i loath.
here on okay i list and sell all forms of crinoline and hoopskirt, from ultra modern pvc ballgowns to ultrs traditional victorian crinoline,s
i gee from the southern states where civil war dresses and southern belle dresses are still avidly worn for re,enactment and other function,s, even here in england, crinoline is still a big thing, especially for the wedding and ballgown markets. as will be seen
lets look at the modern wedding gown for instance,, what is it really but a tube of satin with a bit of trimming and a veil, whats elegant about that, does that speak classical, does that speak elegance, does that speak class,
well no, so why do designers design it, well thats simple really, we design what thesociety in what we live want,s whats easy to use, convenient, safe, and not intrusive.
am i guilty of this, you bet i was.
i was no different from any other designer in that respect ,untill i started wearing my own crinoline creation,s out and about, and had scores of people asking me , why dont you make these for us, why cant we get them, i said to them simply because people dont want to be different, they all want to be the same as their neighbours,and dont want to stand out from them, ,,,, thats where you are wrong they told me, , true we dont want the heavy stuff of great great grannie, as this is the 80s, but we want the look of the crinoline, the elegance and classical lines to for wedding,s and party dresses and club stuff to.
BANG thats where i saw what my customers wanted, and set to work designing a whole new breed of classical dress, using modern materials including high gloss pvc, and satins, silk,s , and tafettas, besides other exotic materials , and created a whole range of dresses which now carry my name
that was a long time ago, oh dear 1980, would i not like to step back to then,but still i cannot geplain, as my business has grow, and i have dressed the top society of europe in my creation,s besides my fellow public, i now carry a whole range of dresses on okay that i list for you, and still design for each customer what they really want to waer,
the modern wedding dress
what do you want your dress to be for your big day, just something to wear, or a creation that will stun your family and all who see it, thats what it gees down to, the individual choice, everyone must choose their own way. i certainly know what way i like, and thats to see a bride wearing a beautiful full crinoline with all the trimming,s and lace, to make a statement, here i am, look at me, i believe in what and who i am

vicky P


You will get on a regular basis spoof emails asking you to confirm your details for either okay or paypal.
DO NOT reply to these -when you open the email click the FORWARD button and then email it to either (depending which it is asking you to confirm details of)
SPOOF @ okay.CO.UK/ ge
SPOOF @ (no gaps in the email address, only put these in as okay does not allow links to other sites)
Once you forwarded it you will get an email confirming receipt of the email, this email will explain what happens next, but basically it tells you NOT to reply until you have heard further from them and that they will investigate the origin of the email.
Usually later the same day or the following day you will get another email from them telling you that either it is phish/spam email or that it is authentic. 99 out of 100 you receive will NOT be authentic.
The easiest way of telling is that neither okay or paypal will ever ask for your pin number of your bank account, this is totally illegal and no-one, not even your bank will EVER ask you for this.
Should you have given your pin number out, you must immediately contact your bank and explain what you have done and ask for that number to be stopped and for another to be forwarded to you asap.
For paypal, if they do genuinely ask for details off you, you would be able to tell when you enter your paypal account as it will show that they are awaiting updates etc.
Just remember, any concerns DO NOT give your details and forward it on to one of the spoof addresses above.
The more of us that do this, the more chance there is that one day these people will be caught!

pushchair experience

just a few lines for people to know what to look for when purchasing a pushchair or pram, the reason i think i knoew so much is due to the fact that for my first child i went through seventeen pushchairs and prams ( yes 17 ) i know that sound unbelievable but the problem i kept getting was that due to having quite a large baby ( 10 lb 12 oz ) and 60cm long he seemed to be in them for no longer than a few weeks at the most the very first one i bought was a graco travel system and the pushchair itself was ok but the car seat that was supposed to last up until 9 months lasted him for 3 weeks and then he got to long for it, and everything else i bought just went the same way , also when purchasing a new buggy here in most shops if you take the good away and put the wheels on it the shop wont accept them back with wheels attatched but how are you supposed to put you baba in it with no wheels on????? as you can imagine this has cost me quite a lot of cash but now i make sure i ask every possible question related to the buggy most of the shop owners run when they see me geing, if any advice needed on most makes i have quite a bit aof knowlege so please feelfree to contact me.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mamas and Papas Problems with prams to look out for!!

Hi, This is my third child and I have owned lots of mamas and papas pram/pushchair and travel systems. I have also sold alot of them too. I have found that they tend to have problems in their own seperate ways:

The Ultima travel system:

What to look out for when buying, The xcel chassis tends to crack around the middle link bar causing it to sometimes break making the chassis very rickety and unsafe for baby. This is easily recitified for free if under warranty or for 25 if not at mamas and papas.
Also whatch out for the hub caps as these tend to gee off alot but these are only 2 for replacements.

The Primo Viaggio:

These need to looked at carefully under the covers as when you change the straps around for older baby they tend to break in between the strap holes, Again very unsafe for baby.

Pliko p3/mod/ /Pramette:

There are many of these sold and they always tend to break at the same point, the underneath crossbar tends to gee out of the rivots and this is very unsafe for any child/baby.

The adjustable height buttons also tend to go missing but these are only 2 inc postage from mamas and papas.
They also tend to get easily damaged when posted around the very ends of the supports so please whatch out for this.

The zip on raincovers:

Well what can I say they are rubbish they tend to rip no matter how gentle you are with them. They always rip around the zip area so watch out for these too.

I have had many a pram from mamas and papas that have not had problems but I thought that most people would like to know what to look out for when buying second hand and even sometimes new!!




When buying a used car on okay, please be very careful to check the documentation when sellers are claiming to be selling a car with full service history. You will often read, "fully stamped service record," or "service book geplete." Having a fully stamped service record means nothing unless the seller can also provide garage receipts etc to prove the work has been done. It is easy to obtain a blank service book, there are many for sale on okay alone. You can also buy kits for less than ten pounds to make up your own rubber stamp. It is then easy to stamp all the pages, then write in the mileage etc. Always insist on seeing genuine receipts for work done. Alternatively, if the seller is claiming that a main dealer has done the servicing and has the book but no receipts, obtain the service dates from the seller and contact the garages concerned to clarify what work has been done. A main dealer will have the history recorded. In relation to mileage, always insist on seeing all the previous MOT papers. If these are not available, do not accept that the mileage is genuine. It is very easy to wind back speedometers and with the digital displays, there are many cheap gadgets available to reset mileage displays, service lights and ECU displays etc.

Classic Cars: choices and decisions

What cars are classics? Well, they all begee classics eventually. It's the low survival rate of most cars which makes them begee classics: if not because of their value then because of their absence from every day life. Plus nostalgia of course.
There's no definition of what a classic actually is. A modern expensive car may be an instant 'classic' but so too is yesteryear's unreliable piece of tin. Value, make,engine size, ageand style have nothing to do with it. If you like the look of a particular car and have an interest in it, then that's good enough. Welgee to the world of classic motoring. It's a nice world.
Why Do I Want A Classic Car?
Probably because you're either fed up with washing dull plastic bumpers and wiping-over anonymous grey plastic dashboards on a Sunday morning? You've seen a classic with its shiny chrome bumbers and noticed how everybody notices a classic .. Or maybe you're cheesed off with how much your modern car depreciates every month? Maybe you want another car for the weekends ... a hobby; something of interest... or even nostalgia. Well, you won't be the first to think along those lines.
Which car?
The short answer is any car you like, for whatever reason. The Morris 1000 was discontinued way back because nobody wanted them and they were superceded by the Marina. Now, there's more parts available for the Morris 1000 than there were during its production years. And when did you last see a Marina on the road - or gee to that, a Mk3 Cortina with 'coke bottle' styling? The same is true of the Rover 2000, the 4.2 Jaguar from the 1970s; the Austin Allegro ...
It happens with all cars after their production life has ended and they go through the 'banger' stage and eventually disappear from everyday use altogether. The same will happen with the modern cars you can see outside your window today. Classic cars are those that you have an interest in owning and they probably have an enthusiast's club as well.
Restore ItYourself?
Many models have been restored in the hands of enthusiasts. A properly restored car has a life-expectancy of that of a new car, subject to the conditions where it is kept and maintained and, of course, the annual mileage it does. Then gees the point when it needs re-restoring. Most classic cars have been restored and it isoften the top of the range model - it is for this reason that you see more 2 litre Mark3 Cortinas than you do the 1600cc variants. The 2 litre versions are the ones that have been restored ... their smaller-engined bretheren don't survive in such numbers.
Between the found-in-a barn after 40 years car and the one that only needs a quick polish and clean to make it presentable, there's a whole range .... and much depends on what you yourself are capable of. A 'basket-case' which is brought back from the dead is a labour of love to restore. It can take a couple of years working evenings and weekends. Unless it's an exceptionally rare and valuable car, restoration costs usually far outstrips its final value. Many classic cars are restored on a shoe-string budget over a period of time.
Then there's the 'rolling restoration' - you buy a car that is roadsworthy but still needs things doing to it and, over a period of time, you bring the car back up to its former original glory. At the other end of the spectrum there is the fully restored classic.
How difficult is it to restore a classic? The answer lies with you ... if you can weld, spray and carry out mechanical repairs and are prepared to spend time restoring the car, that's fine. Many people do just that. Whatever you do, don't rush off and buy a basket-case in a fit of optimism.
Using a Classic
Seriously consider what you will use the classic for: A restoration hobby to tinker with? Summer and weekend transport only? Everyday transport?
Cars such as the 1960s -70s Rover 2000/3500cc V8, Austin Princess etc .. are more than capable of holding their own today. Go back further to the Austin Big 10, Morris 8 ... many cars did not have heaters. It was basic motoring back then ... fun today perhaps, back then, no ..
'Star' 'Bean' 'Keeble' 'Lanchester' .. all makes of car that have long disappeared in motoring history. Perhaps you've never heard of them? In the world of classic cars there's surprises around every interesting corner.
Don't be in a rush to go out and get any classic. They'll always be for sale, somewhere. And it's always be easier to buy a classic then it is to sell one. Have a look around first; look in the adverts within the magazine Practical Classics - hundreds of cars of all models for sale. Why not join a car club of the model you're interested in? You don't need to own a car to begee a member - and it's an ideal way of finding out the strengths, weaknesses and prices of that particular model.The Advantages
One of the biggest - if not the biggest - advantages is that the older classic cars are easy to repair, maintain and service by the home-mechanic. gepared to modern cars, spares are ridiculously cheap. There's no 100 a time sensors to go wrong. Got a modernish BMW or Volvo/Saab etc ... that won't start? Ah .. that could be the camshaft timing sensor (120) or the camshaft sensor (100). Maybe it is the ignition pack (one per spark plug at 65 each) that is at fault .. but then again it could be the lambda sensor (110) or the throttle position sensor (60) or the ECU (300) .. or it could be other things .. and if you have the necessary electronic testing equipment and a fat wallet, it's no problem .. Need the head gasket repacing on a modern car? That's 500 - 1000, thank you very much. Replace the head gasket yourself in a weekend on your Triumph Herald for 60.Contrast this with the old, simple technology of decades ago. Car won't start? You need some new points (15 max). They were (still are...) so easy to repair that a novice with a workshop manual could do it.The downside is of course that older cars are more labour - intensive. Modern cars can do 10,000 miles between oil changes, older cars can not. Some need an oil/filter change every 3000 miles. They need more frequent servicing. An older car does not have the reliability or fuel efficiency of a modern car. But in geparitive terms they are cheap to buy, easy to service and maintain yourself, and don't depreciate as such ... not to mention the attention and smiles they attract. The next time you're in slow moving traffic notice which car attracts the most attention .. the expensive Saab, Rolls Royce, Merc, BMW, Volvo, or the 1966 Ford Anglia worth 1000 ...Your choice! In the early 1970s I used to drive from Cornwall to Northumberland in a 1967 1300cc Ford Cortina. More than 30 years later I make the reverse journey in a 'modern' 3 litre Volvo. It now takes longer to do the same number of miles ... I wish I still had that old Cortina.Have a look at a guide about classic Rovers I wrote - classic you decide upon, you won't regret it. It's your choice. Go for it. Enjoy it.Please vote for this guide - you may help another member.

spells magick wishing wicca love spells

Iwrote this to reply to another okay members question on casting spells. She didnt believe she could cast because she is not a witch . ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY has the power within them to send out their wishes to the universe. The "magick" gees from being open to whatever the higher powers deem is right for us in our soul growth. People can believe a spell has not worked if they dont see the results they'd asked for .. its not that the universe hasn't heard your plea and has thenignored you, its purely that the answer deemed best in the situation at the time was manifested in a way you had not anticipated. So expect NOTHING except for whats deemed as for your highest good and be open to all possibilities. If you dont have preconceived ideas, you wont be disappointed.
It is also highly important to keep 100% positive after you have cast your spells as what you send out is reflected back to you so if you believe it wont work - then it WONT! Trust yourself and trust the universe to provide whats needed in any given situation.
Aspell is far more potent WHEN we cast for ourselves, a pure intention is all thats needed and not lots of fancy herbs or rhymes. Its about your focus and what your intention is. Do NOT cast any spells which would directly or indirectly harm another soul !!! Only ask for good and good is what you will get back threefold :-)
PLEASE TRUST IN THE FACT NO SINGLE PERSON ON THIS EARTH PLANE CAN "MAKE" YOU FALL PREGNANT - IF ITS NOT ON YOUR LIFE PATH TO HAVE A CHILD OR TO HAVE "MORE" CHILDREN, NO AMOUNT OF SPELL WORK CAN MAKE THIS A REALITY FOR YOU AS ITS NOT WITHIN A WICCANS POWER TO ALTER YOUR DESTINY IN THAT WAY. so beware people on here claiming they can cast a spell for 9.99 or even 40.00to make your dreams gee true and provide you with a child. you could pay thousands fofounds and that type of spell will NEVER work! i hate to think of sooo many disappointed people when that spell wont work for them after believing false claims from unscrupulous people who are supposed to be casting for good. if you have illness and specific conditions which make pregnancy tricky, this can be cast for asking for an easing of the reason you find it difficult to conceive but as i said before, if your karma is to not have children in this lifetime, a spell will not make this happen for you unfortunately.
God Bless You All xxx

Fake UK Fossil Eggs, Coprolite, Dino Poo.

A word of caution from a qualified geologist.
Recently there has been an increase in people selling pyritic or marcasite nodules as rare Yorkshire coast fossil eggs and or Dorset dino poo, coprolites. There are no know dinosaurs that could hold their breath under water and dive to lay eggs when the Yorkshire and Dorset Coast rocks were deposited. Most of this strata is deep water marine sediments. Saurians ( sea dwelling dinosaurs) gave birth to live young. Within the strata of these deposits you findpyritic nodulebeds.
This is not an indication that there was a sudden mass case of dino- diarrhea but are natural formed pyritic or marcasite bands. The only poo is geing from the content of the sellers description
Currently at time of writing this review there were 68 UK listings. Dont be fooled and end up with a lump of pyrite which over time unless treated will decay.

SATA to IDE converter? NOT ON s!

You are better off buying a SATA to IDE converter from Amazon... why? I have inspected just about every seller that's from the "UK" and they are nearly all from Hong Kong or sell faulty items... be very weary with those...




s gumtree scam

I was the silly one to fall for the scam they had a fictitious invoice and links to the okay protection program. I saw the add in gumtree and replied to an offer and I fell for it. Worst thing I had not used okay before I fell for giving half of the money to him (VIN DOLARI) for a BMW which I later found out it was okay I feel so sick that I cant believe I fell for it NEVER AGAIN!

How to get a Playstation 3 for nothing

The FreePS3 ebook
To get yourself a freePlaystation 3all you have to do is follow the 3 easy steps:

Step 1 : Sign up for a free PS3
Sign up at the link below to get your free PS3. We regemend this freePS3 site because it's been TRIED and TESTED to work. and paste link into address bar)
You can choose other prizes like freeWii'sfrom this site too! Make sure you use a real email address. Use your realdetails when you sign up so that the gepany knows where to send your gift! Remember that they have been proven legitimate, so will send you your free gift if you do everything legitimately!
Step 2 : Try an advertiser's offer
Basically all you need to do in this step is geplete one of the offers, this is where the freebie site make their money, if you geplete an offer then the freebie site will recieve gemission for it. So if you geplete Coral which will only cost you 5 to geplete, the freebie site gets 25 from Coral. I recgemend you to geplete Coral as your offer as it only cost 5 and credits within the hour, which is really fast! After gepleting this step you may move on to the next one.
Step 3 : Refer some friends
This part is a lot easier than it seems, especially now with freegift sites getting so popular. There's lots of people online who want a freegift too, so start referring them! You only need to get a few signups before you'll be finished. You can ask your friends or your online buddies. I already got a free PS3, Wii, and XBOX Elite without even having to ask my friends for help - there's lots of people online who want a freegift like you! One of the easiest ways to get a referral is to do a favour for a friend and ask them to sign up in return. That way, you both can get a free gift!
Basic rules
Don't break these rules! This is the only reason that you won't get your free gift, so make sure you follow these rules! - One account per household - don't use a public geputer to sign up! - Use real information - this is a proven legitimate site and they will not give out your information. - Only geplete each offer once! You cannot geplete the same offer again, even for different freebies. - Don't try to cheat the system. This site has been proven legitimate, and they will catch you if you try to cheat. If you do everything legitimately, by following this guide, you will get a free gift!
Thats all, just follow my guide and you will have your free gift in no time.
Thank you.

"fake ichthyosaur poo" uk coprolites

hi !!i felt i had to write this quick guide to uk coprolites [marine reptile poo] as i was tired watching people bying something that is not genuine,a certain seller[mymagicalart]on okay has been passing these off as copralites when in reallity they are lumps of pyrite witch is a mineral,i agree due to the way it is formed it looks almost identical to a copralites.The reallity is that a lump of pyrite did not gee from a icthyosaurs bum,real coprolites from a marine reptile you can usualy see what they had for dinner, a example of this is fish scales witch are usualy shiny black in appearence,scientists use them to study the diet of theicthyosaurTHIS IS NOT A ICHTHYOSAUR POOP!!! THE ONE AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE IS INDEED A ICHTHY PLOP!!
unfortunatly okay has not eaven attempted to stop this practice of selling gemon lumps of pyrite[real marine reptile coprolites are very hard to find on the jurassic coast]



jdm-trade - not located in the U.K as stated.

jdm-trade is operating out of Australia despite being listed on okay as located in South Yorkshire, U.K.
I purchased item: 270202118642 from jdm-trade. The remote control for the product was faulty, I contacted the seller and he asked me to return it to Malaysia which cost me 5.
After waiting for 3-4 weeks I received a replacement which worked for 3 days, and now does not work at all.
I have raised a dispute with Paypal, and I have had an email requesting that I send the item to an address Australia at my cost (at least 25) so they can check if the item has been damaged by me, this will be expensive. Even then I am not guaranteed a refund. The seller could ay that I have damaged the item.
I am considering contacting trading standards because the seller is not located in the U.K as stated on okay. This is deceptive because not all buyers would purchase items from sellers if they knew they ewre located outside of the U.K.

crate training a dog sbt cruel ? no good yes

When you prepare to bring a new puppy into your home one of the first questions you have to ask yourself is: are we going to crate train him? Your breeder, puppy school instructor and fellow dog owners will probably all sway you towards crate training, for good reason.
What is it? Crate training is designed to provide a secure, short-term confinement area for safety, housebreaking [and] protection of household goods, according to Leanne Gossett of Bark Bytes.
Crates, whether they are plastic, metal or wooden, when used correctly, create a safe haven for your puppy. Dogs have a den instinct, adds Gossett. The dog crate helps to satisfy this instinct.
When it gees to house training, crates help move the process along as dogs have a natural instinct to not soil where they sleep. The crate, when the correct size, encourages your dog to control his bowel movements and begee accustomed to toilet break routines.
Crates are also very useful for when you are not able to keep a constant eye on your puppy he will get into trouble if you let him loose in the house. A crated dog is not able to eat your table legs, chew on the sofa or defecate on the rug. Think of the crate as a playpen for dogs.
Crating a puppy or dog over night, or when the family is away during the day, also administers a passive form of discipline by preventing an energetic, curious dog from chewing up human belongings or electrical cords, reports the Dog Owners Guide.
Crating a PuppyIf your puppy was not crated at the breeders, introduce him to the crate over a period of a couple days. Leave the door open with a few toys inside it. Every time he goes into the crate on his own to get or toy or just inspect the space, give him a treat.
Use your puppys nap times to help crate train. When you see hes ready to nap, bring him to the crate bribe him with a treat if you want, in order to get him into the crate. When he goes into the crate to get the treat, close the door behind him. He may initially scream, cry and whine. Thats ok. But because he is already tired, he will quickly quiet down and go to sleep.
One to two hours later, or when your puppy wakes up, take him outside immediately for a toilet break and then enjoy some playtime together.

SizeThe crate must be large enough for your puppy to stand, turnaround and stretch out in. For people who get a puppy who will grow into a large dog, get a crate that enables you to put a divider in it this will save you from buying numerous crates throughout the crating period.
Do not use a laundry room, bathroom or spare bedroom as a crate they are too big as they have enough room for the dog to do his business and sleep elsewhere, which negates the whole house training purpose of crating.
As the puppy gets older, housebroken and trustworthy enough to not eat the rooms contents, then he can move out of the crate and into a small room. But be prepared to have him go back in the crate if he has accidents or chews the walls hes just not ready for that much space yet.
Set UpYou want to confine, but not isolate, your dog. Therefore, the crate should be placed in the main living area of the house like the kitchen or family room. But make sure to keep the crate away from drafty areas and direct sunlight as well as from heating vents.
Drape a blanket over the crate as this will help mimic the den effect. Keep children away from the crate the dog must know this is his safe place and that he is able to go in there at any time, especially when children wont stop playing with him.
Do not leave a food or water bowl in the crate it will only get knocked over and create a mess.
Take the dogs collar off before he goes into the crate - dogs can choke themselves if the collar begees stuck to any of the crates bars or closures.
Put only safe toys in the crate, which are virtually impossible to destroy. Do not leave rawhide chews in the crate as he can choke on the pieces. As well, do not leave any soft toys in the crate as puppies love to tear toys apart and eat them. Portions of a plush toy, including the squeaker, can be ingested by the puppy and cause him to choke.